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EU 61 Warrior 6.2 Billion Raw Silver - 4x Maid - 7x Pet - Premium Outfit TRI Gear - 80D VP - Epheria Sailboat - ORIGINAL EMAIL COMES WITH THE ACCOUNT

I Want to Sell

$ 265.00

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  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
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  • 5. Seller gets paid

I'm the original and only owner of this account!
I have purchased this account through Paysafecard, so there aren't creditcard registered to the account.

Original Email comes with the account!
You will receive all the information needed to take the full ownership of the email ( First/Last Name, Date of Birth, Security Question / Answer)
For any further information don't hesitate to PM me!

Account Overview:

LV. 61 Warrior
Main Storage with  6.2 Billion Raw Silver and a Current Marketplace Asset Value Of 6.9B ( It May vary a bit ) 4x Maid ( 3x Storage, 1x Marketplace ) 7x T1 Pet ( +4 Extra Kuku Pet for T3/T4 Try & +1 Extra Lost Penguin For T2/T3 Try [ The Desert Fox and the Marmot are still in PearlInventory, Right-click to register]) Dandelion & Nouver's Sealed Weapon Box and Epheria Sailboat!
Loyalties: 68.219
Energy: 37
Contribution Points : 105
90 Days of Book of Combat ( Combat Exp +100% Skill Exp +50% )
84 Days of Value Pack
92 Days of Blessing of Kamasylve ( Energy Recovery +2 Item Drop Rate + 20% Central Market Warehouse Capacity +2000VT Tansaction Maid Volume Limit +100VT, Storage Transport Weight Limit +1500LT )
27 Days Secret Book of Old Moon ( Combat Exp +100% Skill Exp +50% Life Exp +50% and more extra buffs )


As you can see in the inventory there are 3 Boxes, Those ARE NOT REAL BOSS GEAR, You can open those on ANY Character to receive SUPPRESSED Kzarka/Dandelion/Kutum, the stats are the same of TRI Bossgear,but those CAN NOT BE ENHANCED!
Each SUPPRESSED Weapon can be sold to NPCs for 200M each.
ALSO THE GIATH / TREEE SPIRIT'S / BHEG'S / MUSKAN'S are from EVENT -> SUPPRESSED! You can use or sell, worth 100M each.
The 7 Pieces Event Boss Gear Set worth a total of 1 Billion silver if sold to NPC.

Character Info : Lv. 61 Warrior Awekened  ( Check Screen ) :

If you don't like the character appearance, you can change it anytime using Value Pack!

SkillPoints : 781

Gear :

AP: 184 Awke AP: 181 DP: 238

TRI Grunil Armor
TRI Grunil Helmet
TRI Grunil Shoes
TRI Grunil Gloves
TRI Yuria Longsword ( Main Weapon )
TRI Mercenary's Great Sword ( Awekening Weapon )
TRI Axion Shield
Asula's Crimson Eye Set + Capotia Ring

Main Storage Heidel ( Check Screenshot ) :

Shop and Loyalties :

1x [Warrior] Doomsday Premium Set ( Equipped )
1x Divine Lahr Arcien Horse Gear Set
76x Artisan's Memory
4x Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon
4x Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon
4x Golden Bell
152x Item Collection Increase Scroll
1201x Cron Stone
221x Valks' Cry
1x Character Slot Expansion Coupon
1x Equipment Tailoring Coupon
19x Dyes
8x Advice of Valks* +10 ( Add 10 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +18 ( Add 18 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +19 ( Add 19 Failstack )
8x Advice of Valks +20 ( Add 20 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +21 ( Add 21 Failstack )
2x Advice of Valks +25 ( Add 25 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +26 ( Add 26 Failstack )
2x Advice of Valks +27 ( Add 27 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +29 ( Add 29 Failstack )
8x Advice of Valks +30 ( Add 30 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +35 ( Add 35 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +37 ( Add 37 Failstack )
5x Advice of Valks +38 ( Add 38 Failstack )
3x Advice of Valks +39 ( Add 39 Failstack )
9x Advice of Valks +40 ( Add 40 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +41 ( Add 41 Failstack )
2x Advice of Valks +49 ( Add 49 Failstack )
9x Advice of Valks +50 ( Add 50 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +60 ( Add 60 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +70 ( Add 70 Failstack )
1x Advice of Valks +100 ( Add 100 Failstack )

* ( You can only use this item [ Advice of Valks ] if your Enhancement Chance [ Failstack ] is 0. )

Mounts :

T8 Male Horse ( Breedable )
T7 Female Horse ( Breedable )
T8 Female Horse ( Breedable )
2x T5 Horse Emblem

Extra & random stuff :

Many EXP scroll ( 17x 100min 200% Combat Exp 30% Skill Exp, 19x Combat Exp +600% 60Min and more )

Birthday Cake x2 + 3rd Anniversary Cake = 5 x 24h +100% Combat/Skill/Life Exp

+15 Liverto Weapon Box ( You can open on any character if you want to try a new class )

27 x Days of Sealed Book of Life ( Life Exp +50% )
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