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The Best WoW Classic Cata Mounts

Cata Mounts

RPGs have wide-open game worlds, and they can’t be explored by just walking. Well, you could. You’ll only have to spend 70% of your time playing the game walking from place to place. You need a faster way of traveling when you’re only playing for a limited time. That’s why mounts exist!

Mounts run faster than you could ever run, so you can cross continents in half the time it takes you to do it on foot. Other games might have teleportation methods to make journeys shorter, but WoW uses both mechanics. Though it doesn’t use points on a map but items to teleport you directly to a destination.

Still, they’re items with a cooldown and only for one or two destinations. You must travel the land most of the time, which is why mounts are a necessary mechanic.

How to Get Mounts

There are various ways to get mounts in WoW. The simplest way is to buy them from vendors and the Auction House. A step up from that are achievement rewards or a Class Perk. Then, there’s grinding and killing rare mobs for them. Those mobs can be in a raid, so there will be a repetition of specific dungeons until you get it. Some quests might reward these creatures, too.

There are also mounts from the defunct WoW trading card game. Some cards had a code you could use to redeem one in-game. However, the printing of these cards stopped long ago, and there are only a handful of unclaimed codes.

You’ll need the Riding skill first to obtain and use a mount. Learn it from a trainer when your character reaches level 40. Then at level 60, you can get an upgrade and ride faster ones. With the Cata Classic expansion, at level 70, you can learn to ride those that can fly.

Druids can shapeshift into faster forms, so they don’t need mounts to get around. They’re the exception.

The Most Popular WoW Cata Classic Classic Mounts

Ashes of Al’ar

This is the most coveted mount of the expansion. It drops from Kael’thas Sunstrider after you defeat him in Tempest Keep. Besides its 3% drop rate, you’ll have to fight your party members for the honor of owning this glowing phoenix mount.

Cenarion War Hippogryph

It’s a dark-colored epic hippogryph mount that screams edgy. You’ll be farming reputation in the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh for a while if you want this mount. After that, you’ll have to shell out 1.7k gold to buy it from the vendor once you’ve reached Exalted rank. Despite being a hippogryph, this is a mount Horde characters can obtain.

Netherwing Drakes

They come in six colors, Cobalt, Purple, Violet, Veridian, Onyx, and Azure. They will be available when you reach Exalted rank reputation with the Netherwing faction. You can, however, only pick one, so choose wisely. The most popular colors are Onyx or Azure, with Azure slightly winning through coolness. It has an icy color scheme and almost transparent wings!

These were the first dragon-like mounts in the game, which adds to their awesomeness factor.

Raven Lord

The Raven Lord is an epic mount from Anzu in the heroic versions of Sethekk Halls. With a 1% chance of getting one, scarcity drives its value through the roof. It’s a fantastic-looking mount, too, a cross between a raptor and a bird.

Despite its wings, it’s a ground mount and cannot fly.

Fiery Warhorse

Another boss drop with a 1% chance, the Fiery Warhorse is a fearsome horse with glowy feet and eyes. Defeat Attumen the Huntsman in Karazhan for a chance of obtaining this mount.

Swift White Hawkstrider

It’s another mount from Kael’thalas Sunstrider, but this time it’s after the fight in Magister’s Keep. This quick mount is the boss’s personal one, and it’s pretty fast, making it a coveted ride. The hawkstrider has a 4% chance of dropping. However, you must win the dice roll against your group members to get it.

It’s one hawkstrider an Alliance character can ride.


These are deer-looking creatures with a single horn. They are a popular mount for also being fast and stylish. The top two picks of Talbuks are the Cobalt and Dark ones. The Cobalt War Talbuk you can earn after a series of daily quests at a certain reputation level with the Kurenai (Alliance) or Mag’Har orcs (Horde). The Dark version you can only buy after a series of wins in World PvP at Halaa.

Silver Riding Nether Ray

Another reputation reward, this time from the Sha’tari Skyguard in Terokkar Forest. It’s an unusual flying mount way faster than the faction-restricted ones you can buy. The road to Exalted is quite long, but this makes the grind worth it.

Additional Information

Of course, the qualifier best is subjective. These are the most popular ones and are considered the best to own. You may want a slower or flashier one, and that’s okay. Still, obtaining these mounts is an achievement not too many players can boast of. It’s a bragging rights reward you can show off.

Otherwise, they can be good to sell, though most of these are bind on pickup. Either that or other players can quickly obtain one on their own. You can accompany others to the raids that drop one of these and earn gold that way, though it may be a bit mercenary.

Ride or Soar Through Azeroth!

Mounts make traveling convenient. Long distances may require waiting to arrive at the destination, but that’s still faster than walking or running there on foot. These mounts will help you move locations in double time and with flair.

Most of all, it makes the journey fun to take. Enjoy your adventures in WoW Classic with these mounts!

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