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WoW WotLK Classic Best Hunter Pets

WotLK Pets

The Wrath of the Lich King made several noticeable changes to its version of World of Warcraft. Aside from more quests and easier experience, Hunters also gain tons of new stuff from WotLK Classic. This class now has access to several new families of creatures. These minions also gain additional buffs from this version of the game. Players should always choose the best WoW WotLK Classic Hunter pets for their characters.

WotLK Classic Changes to Pets

The Pet System retained the essential things, the stable slots and the number of active companions. Like other WoW games, Hunters can only stabilize two creatures simultaneously. At the same time, players can only bring out one active pet per instance. 

The significant changes to this class involve the stat scaling of the companions and the new families. Pets have become increasingly stronger in WotLK Classic due to their combat abilities being adjusted. Here is the latest stat scaling for these creatures:

  • 30% increase in Stamina depending on Hunter's Stamina
  • 35% increase in Armor depending on Hunter's Armor
  • 22% increase in Melee Attack Power depending on Hunter's Ranged Attack Power
  • 5% increase in Spell Damage depending on Hunter's Ranged Attack Power
  • 30% increase in Resistances depending on Hunter's Resistances

While pets have become increasingly stronger, new sets of families have also been introduced to WotLK Classic. Here are all the additional breeds available in this WoW game:

  • Ravager
  • Dragonhawk
  • Serpent
  • Warp Stalker
  • Sporebat
  • Nether Ray

How to Get Pets as a Hunter?

Taming a pet is straightforward but also very dangerous. The ability to acquire creatures has a long cast time, leaving Hunters vulnerable to attacks. It is recommended for players to use their trap skills before taming or have a friend tank a target. Gamers need to finish casting Tame Beast to acquire a creature. 

Best WoW WotLK Classic Hunter Pets

While players have the liberty to choose which pets they want to field, some creatures are better suited to certain aspects of the game. Players should consider getting companions for Leveling, Raiding, and PvE. Here are the recommended Hunter minions for each element:

  • Ravagers – This family of pets is arguably the best type of creature to have for leveling and PvE situations. Their high damage modifier makes them the best slot companion. Ravagers are also considered among the best pets to bring during Raids. Skills like Gore, Bite, and Go for the Throat make Ravagers one of the highest damage-yielding creatures in the game.

Aside from their high damage abilities, they also have a unique Dive ability that allows them to enter battle as soon as possible. Their 10% damage buff also contributes to the overall power of this pet. It is recommended for all Hunters to have at least one Ravager pet in their stable. 

  • Wind Serpents – Wind Serpents are generally considered bad pets early on in the game. These creatures deal 20% less damage than other companions and can only attack from range. This perk means these serpents do not benefit from the melee stat scaling buff. However, this particular family scales tremendously over time.

After unlocking the Go for the Throat skill, Wind Serpents can deal significantly more damage compared to virtual pets like Ravagers. Their ability to spend more focus at a faster pace makes them out damage most creatures available to Hunters, so gamers can consider acquiring one for their characters.

  • Scorpids – Among all the Pets available in WotLK Classic, Scorpids are perhaps the best creatures to have during PvP and Arena scenarios. Their Scorpion Poison ability complements the Hunter's Viper Sting. This skill ensures that the player's ability cannot be dispelled quickly by enemy supports or healers, which maintains tremendous damage upkeep.


While the pets mentioned are considered the best when they are at min/max, some players might not mind having to maximize every part of their gameplay. Some Hunters opt to have companions that are presentable or cool that are still functional. Instead of Ravagers, Cats and Raptors are a decent alternative due to having similar abilities. While their Claw and Bite skills are less potent than a Ravager's Gore, they still do dependable damage. 

For leveling, Cats, Owls, and Raptors are the best early choices for Hunters, especially those who can't access Ravagers yet. These creatures can be tamed early in the game, making them good starting companions. These pets can be replaced eventually by stronger minions.

Choosing pets depending on their functionality and power is usually the best deciding factor in which creatures to tame. However, selecting companions based on preference is not wrong since players should enjoy their playing content. The pets featured in this guide are only recommendations and are not strict standards.

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