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Make Money Playing Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Virtual card games are addictive to play due to their entertaining gameplay and the number of cards that they can collect. With Yu-Gi-Oh becoming very popular in the TCG scene, gamers can expect that the number of duelists in the game will increase. Master Duels offers players competitive matches, free battle passes, and daily quests in order to progress in the game. Unfortunately, not all gamers have sufficient time to rank up to meet their actual skill tier or to complete the battle pass to gain rewards. Gamers who are looking to offer piloting or power leveling services can take this opportunity to make some money.

In any card game, the aim is to increase in rank and to collect more cards. Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel’s ranked matches are dominated by meta decks which almost every player will try to emulate. Power levelers can offer to rank up accounts by using what cards the gamers’ accounts currently have while gaining crafting points to help them get more cards. Pilots or power levelers are sure to find a willing customer for this type of service.

What Type of Services will Players Look For?

For Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, players will either want their ranks to get boosted or to get help in acquiring more crafting points. These two objectives will require players to grind hundreds of matches in the game in order to rank up and progress their battle pass. For pilots who are focused on boosting players’ ranks, they can increase their chances of winning by using meta decks in their matches. Here are the current strongest decks in the game:

  • Virtual World + True King of All Calamities deck
  • Prank Kids deck
  • Tri-Brigade deck

For sellers who are looking to offer players boosts in their crafting points, the best way to do this is to progress the battle pass and complete all daily quests consistently. Both of these ventures provide gamers with crafting points which they can use to create more cards to add to their collection.

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