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Sell Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Accounts with Stronger Cards

At the start of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, players get to choose one of the three starter decks available:

  • Link Generation
  • Power of the Dragon
  • Synchro of Unity

Ultimately, their choice matters little. None of the starter decks are worth sticking for long, especially if they’re thinking of jumping right into the game’s Ranked Mode. Sellers who want to get a competitive price for their accounts need to obtain a whole slew of structure decks, strong spells/traps, and gems, here’s what sellers have to do:

  1. Get Booster Packs

    New cards come in the form of Master Duel’s gacha pulls. At the start, players have three banners, or Normal Packs, to pull from, each costing 100 Gems. These are Stalwart Force, Master Pack, and Revival of Legends. Stalwart Force is a collection of stronger cards, Master Pack consists of a random assortment of classic and newer cards, and Revival of Legends is a collection of classic cards that OG players know and love. Most players recommend getting Stalwart Force packs thanks to its larger pool of powerful monsters, but if they want to mix the old and the new, the Master Pack is the way to go. With a Master Pack, sellers can maximize the value of their accounts when they decide to sell.

    In the shop menu, specifically in the “Bundles” tab, there are three special bundles available, each with a featured Ultra Rare (UR) card and a chance of obtaining numerous highly desirable cards as well. While one might think that these bundles are a tad expensive, costing at 750 Gems per bundle, they’re worth the cost since players are guaranteed the bundle’s featured card, with every pack containing at least one Ultra Rare (UR) or Super Rare (SR) card.

  2. Complete Solo Mode

    Players that immediately go to Ranked Mode with subpar cards are likely to get stomped on, so why not do the Solo Mode first? Solo Mode in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is essentially one giant tutorial, and it’s worth a player’s time to complete. Solo Mode teaches players more advanced strategies, including synchro and fusion summons, making the mode highly recommended for anyone that’s not completely up to date on YGO and its more recent developments. Solo Mode also gives players several additional rewards, including Gems, Orbs, strong cards, and vouchers to use on normal packs. Using all these tips, sellers who are looking to sell their Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel account can be sure of getting the best possible offers.

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