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The Expeditions listed can leave sellers to earn 60k to 100k gold per hour potentially. If they have too much of the currency, sellers can sell their extra Wayfinder gold to other players who need it.

The Best Expedition to Do to Farm Wayfinder Gold

Expeditions are the best way to farm gold in Wayfinder, but before sellers can get started, there are some things they should know about. First, they ideally should have the Grand Deceiver Artifact to maximize their gold gains. They’ll also need a high-level character equipped with weapons that offer AoE cleave damage.

The higher the sphere and level the Expeditions players do, the more gold they gain from chests and other sources. This means they’ll always get more gold from areas like Hollow Heart than elsewhere. With that in mind, here are the best Expeditions sellers can easily access to farm the currency:}


Recommended Power Level: 1823-2753

While Baldum doesn’t generate that much gold from chests, it makes up for it by providing high-end resources and accessories. Sellers can run Baldum at Sphere 4 to earn 450-620 gold per chest. If they’re lucky with the chest spawns, they can match the gold gained from the Undercroft—not including the other goodies they can get that are double the price.

Undercroft (Sphere 4)

Recommended Power Level: 1528

The Undercroft is one of the quickest Expeditions to clear in the game. Once players set their Expedition to Sphere 4, they can simply watch the gold pile up. The only downside to running this is the low to mid-tier accessories it drops.

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