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Sell Wayfinder Accounts 

Players are always looking to gain new weapons and Wayfinders in their account by progressing through the game as normal, but some are willing to pay extra for an account with the most progression and skins. Since the game is all about collecting weapons and heroes, gamers will always value the ownership of all these items to display mastery over the game.  

What Weapons  Are Players Looking For? 

There are 7 weapon categories in total for Wayfinder, and every weapon comes with a unique ability that makes them stand out from the rest. Some weapons are a signature item for a Wayfinder, which has skills that complement their wielder’s abilities. 

Dual Blades 

  • Harvest Moon 
  • Maiden’s Rime 
  • Night’s Edge 
  • Rose and Thorn 
  • Slicer and Dicer 
  • Venom 


  • Earth Shaker 
  • Juggernaut 


  • Arcstorm 
  • Dsukbringer 
  • Hellswarm 
  • Longshot 
  • Nightshade 
  • Ransom 
  • Tempest 

Sword and Shield 

  • Bastion 
  • Grim Harvest 
  • Legacy 
  • Radiant Dawn 
  • Tooth and Claw 
  • Vanguard 

Two Handed Axes 

  • Eclipse 
  • Typhoon 


  • Epitaph 

Two Handed Swords 

  • Colossus 
  • Titan’s Bane 
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