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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Why Sell V4 Accounts

V4 is the latest, and perhaps trendiest, title to hit the MMORPG scene. And with everyone itching to hop on the bandwagon, there are surely going to be folks who will want to buy pre-existing accounts. That’s where you come in! By selling your extra V4 account, you can help them enjoy the latest sensation from Nexon and Nat Games. And did we mention you can make some serious cash as well? Well, you can!

How to Price Your V4 Account

In the PlayerAuctions community, sellers have the leeway to price the accounts that they intend to sell as they see fit. But of course, we advise our sellers to price their wares competitively. That way, potential buyers won’t be put off by steep prices. Buyers get the best prices and sellers get good profit margins—that’s the PlayerAuctions way!

Some points you may want to consider when pricing your account include:

  • Account level – How far you’ve progressed in the game will naturally factor in. The hours you’ve spent grinding away at the game don’t come cheap and you should be compensated for it.
  • Inventory – An account with potions and consumables galore is sure to fetch a higher price than one that’s rather bare.
  • Companions – Your V4 companions can be acquired via the companion chest. As they will cost you a few thousand gold coins, you can factor it in during the pricing stage so you’ll have a good return for your investment.

How to Sell Your V4 Account

Here at PlayerAuctions, you get the widest reach possible to help you sell your game accounts. Got a spare V4 account that you’re no longer interested in? Allow us to turn it into cold hard cash for you!

Simply follow these steps to hear the cash register go “ka-ching”!

  • Register and log in to start posting offers. Make sure to detail the account as much as possible in the offer. This is to avoid potential misunderstandings and disputes.
  • Once an interested buyer contacts you regarding your offer, communicate via the onsite messenger to work out the details of the trade. Note that we’ll handle the transfer for you should you choose automatic delivery beforehand.
  • The buyer will then check the account to see if the account is as described in the offer.
  • If everything checks out, the buyer will then make the confirmation and we’ll release your payment.
  • You’ve made a sale! You may sell as many V4 accounts as you want!
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