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Sell Tower of Fantasy Account for Real Money

Tower of Fantasy is the newest MMORPG to hit the gaming community. With amazing graphics and a wide open-world to explore, players are flocking to play it. Whatever a seller's reasons for offering their accounts, they must keep the following in mind for successful trades.

There are several types of accounts they can sell:

  • Blank Slate
  • Good Advantage
  • High-Level
  • Collector's

The above are arranged according to complexity and investment. It also follows that they're set according to the possible price. Since the Collector's account has the most investment through all the pulls in the gacha, it can fetch high prices in the marketplace. Buyers would also like it because it would have the best weapons in its inventory.

Other factors to consider when selling Tower of Fantasy accounts are:

  • Wanderer Levels
  • Weapons obtained
  • Matrices obtained
  • Materials and resources in storage
  • Currencies collected

Of course, the Wanderer is the player character, and their level denotes the progress done in the game. The higher it is, the more expensive the account can be priced. An account can have a small collection of weapons, but they could be the best ones. That can be more expensive than an account with many armaments, but they're all sub-par.

Matrices and materials strengthen weapons, which makes them essential for progress. Having those in the account's inventory can also influence its price in a positive direction. Lastly, the currency is always needed in various enhancing and strengthening methods. Plus, some other types are for obtaining more pulls in the weapon gacha, and more of that is always better.

Sell ToF Accounts in the Online Marketplace

With a strict security system, a community of traders, and the freedom to set prices, sellers don't have to worry about a thing. They can make as many offers as possible and let the profits flow. The market forces are still in play, but with experience, they can take advantage of that.

Have fun with Tower of Fantasy and enjoy the new riches!

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