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Make Money Playing Tower of Fantasy

There’s a lot for powerlevelers to think about when it comes to leveling up in Tower of Fantasy. Sellers will have to tackle daily, weekly, and seasonal quests. They have to maintain their suppressors and gear. Then, of course, there’s also the matter of collecting powerful weapons ranging from R to SSR-grade.

By offering Tower of Fantasy power leveling services for sale to interested buyers, sellers can make bank playing the game that they love. As long as they watch out for the XP cap that ToF gives out to players, they wouldn’t have to do much to reach it every day.

How to Level Up Quickly in Tower of Fantasy

Sellers should level up in Tower of Fantasy (completing main/side missions, doing the daily bounties, etc.). They gain XP doing almost anything, after all. But if sellers want to tackle the leveling process more uniquely, there are ways to do just that.

  1. Explore the Ruins

    Ruins are like the raids that gamers see in similar games to Tower of Fantasy. The difficulty of the ruins is based on their level, and as a result, it proves difficult for newer players to do them. For sellers already in the mid-game parts of ToF, doing ruin runs is highly recommended since it’ll reward them with various loot and XP rewards. The amount of XP they’ll get is based on the difficulty level of the ruins.

    The only caveat when exploring the ruins is that there’s no way to complete them in co-op mode, so playing with a friend for some help is out of the question.

  2. Visit Mia’s Kitchen

    Before grinding in Tower of Fantasy, players should visit Mia’s Kitchen for that extra boost of XP gain. They can be granted random buffs lasting for 30 minutes by going to Mia's Kitchen. Players must first complete the main story (chapters 1-5) to unlock the adventure menu to unlock Mia's Kitchen. From there, they can access the kitchen.

  3. Co-op Challenges

    The sellers who also have friends who need to level up in Tower of Fantasy can do co-op challenges like interstellar exploration, joint operations, and dimension trials. These challenges reward players with weapon materials and XP, making them an excellent pick for group play.

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