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Sell Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium to Players

Flame Elementium is the main trading currency used for Torchlight Infinite, and it’s also considered a crafting resource for creating some of the best endgame gear. Since it’s the primary currency spent by players, it’s not necessarily scarce, but they’ll be surprised how easy it is to disappear after crafting some of the gear they need. Sellers with tons of Flame Elementium to spare can share their spoils with buyers in need. They’ll not only help out players who want to craft new, but they get to earn from it as well.

Profitable Flame Elementium Flipping: How to Get the Material

There are a few different ways to get Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite. The currency is often dropped randomly in the Netherrealm (tier four), becoming more common as you progress to higher tiers. That said, these are the best methods to farm Flame Elementium:

  1. Trade Lower Tier Crafting Materials

    As mentioned previously, Flame Elementium isn’t the only crafting material/currency in the game—there are more in Torchlight Infinite. Flame Dust and Flame Sand can usually be obtained by taking any unwanted gear to Edwin for him to disenchant it. Players with a surplus of these lower-tier materials can take advantage of the auction house to trade their currency for Flame Elementium. Often, gamers would sell their Flame Elementium for Flame Dust or Flame Sand. It’s worth noting that sellers ought to check the price of each item they’re trying to convert to ensure they’re not overpaying.

    The only caveat of this method is that it requires a bit of patience, but otherwise, sellers can use this tactic to net themselves 10-50 Flame Elementium without grinding for it.

  2. Utilize Trait Cards Effectively

    One of the best ways to farm Flame Elementium is by mapping and utilizing your Trait Cards. This requires players to do a bit of preparation beforehand, but their efforts will be worth it. First, they must have a build that can ideally farm tier-five or higher maps with gusto. That’s because faster mapping equals more currency gained.

    Second, sellers are going to want the following Trait Cards unlocked:

    • Sharp
    • Generous
    • Doughty

    You’ll also want to have some memory compasses since they increase the number of gear drops, rare monsters, drop rarity, and the amount of Flame Dust.

    The goal is that, with these pieces in place, the increased drop rate and rarity will result in more Flame Dust. Then the Flame Dust can then be converted into Flame Elementium. This strategy is best done in tier 7 or 8 maps since they generate bigger and better loot.

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