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Sell Torchlight Infinite Items for Real Money

There are Legendary and Unique Items in Torchlight Infinite. Players may want to sell their other items after discovering a new powerful item. Why not sell the old Sword or Axe that is no longer being used in return for money? Players would buy these items to complete their set or to help them earn additional attack power and buffs. Here is a list of items that potential buyers would look for:


  • One-Handed: Sword, Axe, Hammer, Claw, Dagger, Wand, Pistol
  • Two-Handed: Great Sword, Great Axe, Giant Hammer, Staff, Bow, Crossbow, Musket, Cannon
  • Shield: Strength Shield, Dexterity Shield, Intelligence Shield
  • Chest Armor: Strength Armor, Dexterity Armor, Intelligence Armor
  • Helmet: Strength Helmet, Dexterity Helmet, Intelligence Helmet
  • Gloves: Strength Gloves, Dexterity Gloves, Intelligence Gloves
  • Boots: Strength Boots, Dexterity Boots, Intelligence Boots
  • Trinket: Necklace, Ring, Belt

Sell Torchlight Infinite Legendary Gear

There are many gear and the quantity they drop, their item level, rarity, and many other factors. Most games will receive a few from a single monster, but in Torchlight Infinite, drops vary in rarity. Sellers who want to have the most exposure for their offers should look

  • Normal Gear: These normal gears will drop at the same level as the map.
  • Magic Gear: Monsters with magical powers encountered on the map are one level higher than the maps players encounter.
  • Rare Gear: These rare gears are two levels above the map level.
  • Super Rare Gear and Legendary Gear: Finally, the last two types are gear that can be dropped from a legendary monster three levels above the map and considered bosses in the game.
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