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When Selling Summoners War Accounts

Sellers have a variety of reasons why they decide to sell their SW accounts. They could be quitting or they planned to sell it from the start. Whatever their reasons, they should take note of these tips to make the most out of trading.

Pricing SW Accounts

When pricing accounts, there's a balance to be kept. It shouldn't be too high lest the buyer balks at the price. Nor should it be too low that the seller won't profit. A fair price brings benefits to both participants of the trade, and here's how to find that.

First, find the account's characteristics that may attract buyers to take your offer. They might want a high account level or a specific monster to have been summoned in the account. Otherwise, they might want stores of resources and currency in the account instead. The higher or more of these things there is in the account, the higher the price can rise.

Second, consider the time it took to make the account that way. Sellers would want to be compensated for their time, and it can serve as a baseline for pricing. That means in negotiating a price, it could be a hard minimum, though of course, sellers would want higher prices.

Third, sellers would want to regain their invested money, if they decided to pay to hasten the process. It could be for currency or extra pulls for the gacha mechanic. This is certainly convenient, but it drives account prices to be higher than usual.

By considering all of the above, sellers should have an idea for a fair price. They can also look at other offers on the marketplace and adjust as needed.

The Best Summons to Have

One of the biggest draws of the game is the adorable and strong summons players can call upon. With such a wide variety of creatures as well as ranks to choose from, only the really lucky can get the characters they really want. Besides that, there are summons players want due to their combat prowess. Here are some of the best monsters to summon when selling Summoners War accounts.

  • Antares
  • Artamiel
  • Celia
  • Garo

Players desire these monsters due to their incredible potential in combat. Unfortunately, RNG is not always merciful, and there are thousands of other summons that they're likelier to get. When sellers sell an SW account with these characters, they help buyers get their dream character guaranteed without having to roll the dice.

To make the most of these trades, sellers would profit more when working together with a reliable online marketplace. With its policies and systems, sellers don't have to worry about anything going wrong. They may trade as they wish with no fear. Plus, a large community of traders guarantees there's a buyer for any kind of offer.

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