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How Do Gamers Make Money Playing Rage 2?

With a lot of gamers looking for ways to make money playing their most beloved games, there are a few different options out there. While some players look into creating videos, writing, or streaming gameplay, it tends to be difficult to make any return. Other gamers, especially those who have good knowledge of the game, might look into providing power leveling services to other players online.

This involves finding other players through player-to-player marketplaces and completing leveling goals, tasks, and other specific services for them. There are a number of different requests that boosting service buyers might ask for, so a seller will generally be able to complete most types of tasks for their given game.

Types of Leveling Services in Rage 2

  1. Character Leveling

    Character leveling is the most common type of leveling that can be found in Rage 2. To enhance a character, players must go to the Nanotrite tab found inside the Menu. There are currently eleven nanotrite skills, each of them unlockable. Sellers usually accompany or use the buyer’s account to upgrade or unlock these skills for this leveling type. Having these skills is handy since it lets the player have an easier time fighting opponents and exploring the huge world in Rage 2. What’s more, every ability can be improved. Four levels can be unlocked with each skill. The higher the level, the more currency it’ll take to unlock it.

  2. Vehicle Leveling

    At first, the players will have a pretty barebones vehicle called the “Phoenix”, but as time goes on, they’ll have to upgrade it if they don’t want their ride to constantly get trashed. Improving the Phoenix’s performance on the battlefield is a must for those that want to explore the world freely. Luckily, the Phoenix has 9 skills that it can acquire. The best part is that the upgrades/skills do not exclude each other, so players don’t have to worry about the usual tier or levels that are usually found in character upgrades. This means that players can just upgrade everything the Phoenix has to offer in one fell swoop. They’ll need a lot of the currency for that, though. There are also other vehicles that players can opt to unlock by complete a couple of missions or map markers, but even so, the Phoenix is touted as a reliable option for every situation.

  3. Companion Leveling

    When traversing around the Wasteland, players will find allies and companions that can help them throughout their journey. Each ally has a specific set of skills that can help the players in various activities. Depending on which ally they want to enhance, they might just be able to make the job of defeating enemies that much easier. By leveling them up, the companions/allies will get new skills that can be beneficial for combat or exploration. There are four allies in Rage 2: Doctor Kvasir, John Marshall, Lily Prowley, and Loosum Hagar. Each of these characters has a different number of upgrades. For example, Lily, the first ally that the player will meet, only has five upgrades. While John Mashall, on the other hand, has a whopping 23 improvements that can be unlocked.

  4. NPC Leveling

    More often than not, gamers will find unique signs that appear on top of a character’s head, indicating that they can speak to them should they want to. Usually, this means that the NPC has a job or mission for them. NPCs are a great way to progress in terms of level in Rage 2. Players can easily earn a lot of Feltrite just by doing these side activities/missions. What’s more, this gives them a reason to all the more explore the map. There’s a lot to see and uncover in Rage 2, and what better way to do so than to multitask? It’s a win-win situation! Seeing more of what Rage 2 has to offer all the while completing missions that give good money is the norm for many other players in the game.

Choosing the Right Perks to Upgrade

Picking what perks to upgrade will ultimately depend on one’s taste and playstyle, but to sum it up, the best perks in Rage 2 are typically the ones that have clear-cut advantages where everyone, including the allies, will benefit from. As previously said before, companion leveling is one of the steps that sellers can take to be able to indirectly give out perks to the buyer’s character. These can be earned from the Projects menu where players will need Project Points which is the currency that is exclusive for it. Unlocking perk tiers is fairly simple. All players have to do is complete missions and map markers. A yellow map marker means Capture and Control, a blue marker means Search and Recover, and lastly, the pink map marker means Kill and Destroy.

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