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How Players Sell a Rage 2 Account

For someone who wants to sell a Rage 2 account, there’s more to the game than just blitzing and shooting every mutant-looking creature that players see in the game. Underneath the simplicity of Rage 2 lies a complicated mess of menus, tons of missions that can make any player dizzy from the choice of what to pick first, and a leveling system that’s sure to take more than just an hour or two. Players constantly have a battle amongst themselves when it comes to deciding what to upgrade, how to go about it, and which missions should they complete first. All in all, Rage 2 is almost like a sandbox experience thanks to how to open world-ey it is. Here are some things that players take note of in their accounts.

  1. Sift Through the Menus

    Upon opening the menu, players will find more menus. There are seven tabs across the top that players can browse through. They can see the usual categories that are also present in other games such as the map, inventory, and the like. The rest of them, however, can be a bit confusing to some as they’re a combination of lists and upgrade trees. What Rage 2 players need to know is that all these menus all follow the same template where they’ll need to spend a bunch of Feltrite to unlock upgrade tiers and dedicated currency for individual upgrades from those tiers. Feltrite can be thought of as the main currency of Rage 2--players can use it for everything apart from the individual upgrades such as Weapon Core Mods and Project Points. The whole shindig can be hard to swallow at first. It’s understandable since there are so many types of currencies and requirements that players need to constantly track, but with a little time and effort, they’ll be able to adapt in no time.

  2. Upgrades Galore

    When it comes to Rage 2, it’s all about getting as much stuff as possible. But what’s the next step on what to do with it? Upgrade them, of course! By trekking around the Wasteland, players will inevitably be able to earn items and currencies. These can be turned into useful upgrades and improve their weapons. Players can sift through the Nanotrites, Weapons, Projects, and Vehicles tab to upgrade whichever they want to prioritize. So long as they check these menus often, they’ll be able to improve themselves.

  3. Farm Feltrite As Much As Possible

    Feltrite can be found all over the Wasteland, which is good considering that it’s the primary currency that’s used to enhance the essential upgrades in the game. Feltrite is commonly used to increase the levels of both guns and powers. Players can also unlock new upgrade tiers with Feltrite which can lead to getting bonuses like increased weapon damage without having to use rare resources/currency such as Weapon Core Mods. Rage 2 heavily implies during the first few parts of the game that Feltrite should be the number one priority of every player. Players don’t need to get fancy items just to be strong; just upgrading the usual items that they find with Feltrite is enough to get them through the entirety of the game.

  4. Earn Reputation

    There’s a reputation system in Rage 2 where players can level up their standing with certain NPCs that they can interact with. These NPCs can fill in the information on a player’s Log tab, and the higher their reputation is with the NPCs that are scattered across the Wasteland, the more information they’ll have. For players to increase their reputation, all they have to do is clear some bandit camps and Authority Sentries that they might find while exploring the world. All of it just basic Rage 2 stuff that players already do daily. By doing this, players can even earn a reputation from an NPC without even speaking to them. Although they’ll have to at some point if they want to get better upgrades and progress further into the story. The great thing about Rage 2 is that the game doesn’t rush its players to finish the main content immediately. Being an open-world game, there’s a lot to uncover and explore, so players should just take their time and complete camps/missions one at a time.

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