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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Why Sell a PUBG Account

Players that no longer wish to play the game or can easily grow accounts with ease are encouraged to sell PUBG Accounts. Doing so not only allows them to earn money, but also help players that do not have time or energy to grind for better gear or cosmetics. Other reasons include smurf accounts, as well as cosmetic items and premium currency that cannot be transferred to another account.

The Price of a PUBG Account

Sellers have the freedom to put any price on an account. It is, however, recommended for sellers to set the price close to the account’s actual value, which is in turn determined by factors such as account level, amount of in-game currency, and total value of in-game items.

PUBG, from being a purchasable game, is now free-to-play since January 12, 2022. What this is means is that more casual PUBG folks and sellers themselves have a lower barrier entry into PUBG. This means anyone can easily start grinding out a PUBG account, scoring chicken dinners, and stacking the account so it's good to go to be sold. The only limit to this is how far sellers would want to customize the stats and contents of the PUBG account to be competitive enough as an offer.

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