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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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How to Sell Your PUBG Account for Real Money

Are you in need of extra cash? Do you have an extra PUBG account to spare? At PlayerAuctions, there’s always someone looking to buy it. So grab the opportunity and get selling!

Here’s how you can turn your PUBG account into cold hard cash:

  • Sign up at PlayerAuctions and log in.
  • Create an offer so that other members of the PlayerAuctions community will be privy to what you’re selling. You have the choice to set the delivery option to either manual or automatic. We highly recommend you take advantage of the automatic option so you won’t have to manually deliver the account.
  • Once a buyer picks up on your offer, you can then deliver the account details (not needed if you choose the automatic delivery option).
  • The buyer will then check if everything is as advertised in your offer.
  • If everything checks out, we will then promptly pay you your due. You can sell as many accounts as you want!


Since 1999, PlayerAuctions has steadily built a reputation as a premium marketplace of gamers, by gamers, and for gamers. Today, we continue to provide safe and easy transactions for both buyers and sellers of multiple game titles. Be a part of our worldwide community today and sell your PUBG account for primo bucks!

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