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Sell Pokemon SV Pokemon for Real Money

Pokemon veterans know that there are two versions to facilitate trading between them. However, things are slightly different in Scarlet and Violet. By joining a friend in their world, they can meet version exclusives if that friend has the opposite game.

However, this does not discount trading entirely. Online sellers have various advantages in trading Pokemon that capturing them does not have. These can drive up the price of the seller's offers, and it is a more convenient thing for the buyer.

Types of Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet In Demand

  1. Fully Trained Pokemon

It's more work for the seller, but they can train a Pokemon according to specified directions. The buyer doesn't have to spend time grinding and leveling the Pokemon. They can jump into their desired activity as soon as they receive the 'mon.

Training usually involves 2 things: level and EVs. While the former is straightforward, EVs are less so. The acronym means Effort Values, and they're values that can increase the stats of a companion. A Pokemon gains points whenever they also receive experience (outside of Rare Candies). This makes it slightly convenient to train both of the mentioned things.

EVs count a fourth toward a specific stat, depending on the critter you battle. That means four points will add one to the attribute. However, Pokemon can only receive 512 EVs in total, and one stat has a 252 EV limit. A companion can only add 63 points to two attributes, with an extra 2 points to a third, for a total of 128. It's easy to see why this is an important thing to train.

  1. Specially Bred Pokemon

Another aspect of a Pokemon's strength is its IVs. Unfortunately, that's not something you can train and is quite random to boot. However, breeding is one way to influence and manipulate (to an extent) it. Sellers can breed a Pokemon with the perfect IVs and then sell it, so buyers don't have to do it themselves.

Aside from that, breeding can also influence nature and moves, which can increase the creature's value.

  1. Shininess

While it's not as rare now (with the outbreaks significantly increasing the chances of encountering one), this is still an excellent way to increase a Pokemon's value. It doesn't have any combat advantages, but buyers would still pay a premium for a shiny they can't find on their own.

Pokemon SV Pokemon Sellers Still Have Something to Offer

It's more work for them, but the potential profits are through the roof. It shows that people have to work for the things they want. Even though buyers get their convenience from sellers, the money they spend has to come from somewhere as they earn it.

As for sellers, they can earn their keep by signing up on an online marketplace an active community. With all of those, they can set their prices however they want without worrying about making up for costs.

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