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As trainers run around the Paldea region and meet new Pokemon, they’ll no doubt encounter some struggles. It may take time for newbies (and even veterans) to acclimate to the new gimmicks that await them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While facing these challenges, they’ll also have to navigate the massive world that awaits them. Sellers can help these trainers make the first steps easier by selling Pokemon Scarlet and Violet accounts. With the best Pokemon already in their arsenal, buyers can breeze through the story without much trouble.

Tips for Trainers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  1. Mix it Up

    It’s important to build a varied team of Pokemon—variety is the key to a successful Pokemon run. For those thinking of building a team filled with type advantages when facing off against Gym Leaders, try to achieve balance. The worst thing a trainer can do when playing Pokemon is to choose many Pokemon of the same type or don’t have enough different types for the upcoming challenges ahead.

    Seasoned trainers recommend having at least one Electric and Water-type in a roster. A dual-type Pokemon is also a must since it makes the most out of the six slots in a player’s party while increasing the team’s variety.

  2. Avoid Running Away From Battles

    Do NOT run away from battles. Some might say they’re a pain to get through, considering there are many Trainer battles. Some of the largest routes in previous Pokemon games are filled with multiple trainers eager to challenge the main player at their first chance. At the same time, it can get downright exhausting to deal with them (plus the wild Pokemon roaming around). However, they shouldn’t run away from these battles. Not only is battling arguably the main method of leveling up and evolving Pokemon, but it also gives a monetary advantage to the player. Many would agree the constant battles are bothersome, but one can’t deny they’re a crucial part of what makes the franchise.

    The same can be applied to the raid battles, which are back in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They provide great rewards and XP for a player’s Pokemon. Plus, having the chance to capture rare creatures always brings in an adrenaline rush. They’re a hectic but fun experience that represents a challenge to an easy game, and thanks to multiplayer, trainers are also taught about the value of teamwork.

  3. Give In to the Gimmick

    The more recent Pokemon generations always included a gimmick per entry. In Gen 6, there’s Mega Evolution. Gen 7 used Z-Crystals. Finally, Gen 8 had the power of Dynamaxing. The upcoming generation isn’t an exception; now, trainers are introduced to the Terastal phenomenon. This phenomenon can only be found in the Paldea region, making the Pokemon shine and glimmer like gems.

    When a Pokemon Terastallizes, a jewel will appear on top of its head, and its body will glisten like a freshly cut gemstone. Terastallizing is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and will have no use beyond Gen 9. Besides being crucial to the plot, it makes for entertaining battles, so it’s best not to ignore it—lest players would have a lesser gaming experience.

    To Terastallize a Pokemon, trainers will need a Tera Orb, which they can unlock as they go through the campaign. Once players Terastallize one of their Pokemon, the Tera Orb will lose its Terastal energy. Unless they charge the Tera Orb by finding shining crystals with Terastal energy scattered around the Paldea region, they won’t be able to use it again until it’s recharged. Players can also go to a Pokemon Center to fill up their Tera Orb again.

    Gamers can only Terastallize a Pokemon once per battle, and its effect will last until the battle's conclusion. Should a Terastallized Pokemon use a move that matches its Tera Type (and at least one of its original types), the gimmick will boost its power. Besides enhancing a Pokemon’s power, trainers should use Terastallizing to level up their battle strategies. They can certainly increase the power of any moves with the same type as their Pokemon’s Tera Type, but it’s also possible to change their Pokemon’s weaknesses.

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