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Make Money Playing Night Crows  

Night Crows offers players many activities in its world, ranging from farming diamonds to raiding dungeons for cool loot. On top of these, gamers can also farm Tokens that they can mint to earn real-world money. With so many things to do, it can be overwhelming for players to navigate these ventures.  

Players must level up their characters before anyone can begin doing end-game content. They will need significant resources to craft and empower their accounts, which will take several hours of grinding and even a bit of luck when pulling for weapons. The RNG and effort needed to level up effectively can make things more frustrating for gamers. Fortunately, this creates an excellent opportunity for avid players to earn money by offering their time to others.  

Power levelers can easily make money by offering their services to games in exchange for real-world money. They can help them level up their characters, boost them in farming specific items, or accompany them in finishing dungeon content. Alternatively, pilots can even play the buyers’ accounts to grind for materials like tokens and runes. Power levelers can make money if they have time to invest in gaming.  

How Do You Level Up Quickly in Night Crows 

Power levelers must learn to boost accounts efficiently to complete quotas and tasks within shorter periods. They can employ several strategies to do so, which they can also apply regarding farming-specific items. Here are several powers leveling methods that boosters can do:  

Power levelers piloting accounts should focus on grinding zones with mobs one or two levels lower than the character used. While they will provide less EXP, the speed in clearing them makes up for this, so pilots can easily farm experience compared to fighting monsters that reward high EXP but have higher evasion.  

Playing in parties can help gamers finish quests and dungeons quickly. It makes the grind more efficient so that power levelers can move on to the next task.  

Doing dungeons and dailies can help with progression both in EXP and gear. While they might yield less experience, players can gain loot to help them deal with higher-difficulty content. 

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