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Aside from cool features and casual gameplay, people enjoy playing Night Crows due to its play-to-earn features. It’s entertaining enough as a leisure game, which rewards its players by allowing them to gain money from exploring its content. Players must progress heavily into the end-game stage to fully enjoy Night Crows.  

While leveling in an MMO is fun, it might be a massive obstacle for players looking at Night Crows' profitability aspect. If they want to earn money, they need to be able to start playing content that drops NFTs or Tokens. However, the grind to reach this game stage can take several hours, so players might find it frustrating to be power-locked.  

Sellers can take this opportunity to sell accounts with fully upgraded characters that can be used to farm tokens and NFTs immediately. Many people will be enthusiastic about looking at these offers, especially if they want to earn real-world money. Sellers can quickly profit by offering end-game accounts to other people.  

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