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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Minecraft accounts with lots of resources can go for bigtime cash. Why let your old account gather virtual dust when you can turn it into cold, hard cash? Online marketplaces are the perfect venue for sellers to get the best value because these sites can help sell Minecraft accounts for real money real fast!

Think Big: Sell Minecraft Account for Real Money

In Minecraft, creation is the name of the game and requires you to think really big if you want to sell your Minecraft account for cash. To get an idea of just how much you can earn when you sell Minecraft account for real money, you’ll need to focus on the following key factors: account contents, skins, and platform.

You can further get a better feel for the marketplace trends and current prevailing prices by simply checking out any available listing. As of right now, basic Minecraft accounts can go from a little under $10 up to over $100. Prices may vary, depending on the contents of the said account. Make sure to include featured sellers into consideration as they are the best sellers on a site. From there, you can get a better feel of just how much you should price your Minecraft account when you do sell it.

Act Fast: How to Sell a Minecraft Account Fast

The overall price you can fetch for selling your Minecraft account depends on its specifications. Which edition is it? Is it for Xbox One and 360, PS3 and PS4, Mac, PC, or a pocket edition for mobile devices? You can expect the Bedrock edition to fetch a heftier price because of the multi-platform feature it boasts.

Here’s what you need to do to sell fast:

  • Register – First, you need to create your own user account so you can be a verified PlayerAuctions Seller. Once you accomplish this, you’ll get a wider reach for the Minecraft account you are selling.
  • Make an Offer – Once your offer is up on our database, our buyers will be privy to your offer and, should the specs of your game account be what they’re looking for, create an order.
  • Communicate with the Buyer – When a buyer purchases your Minecraft game account, we will promptly update you and instruct you to provide the necessary account info securely. In a timely and discreet fashion, we will then inspect and document the properties of the game account before passing it on to the buyer.
  • Get your money – Should no issues be found with the Minecraft account, we will proceed to delivery and furnish the buyer with the account login details via email—all within 24 hours. You can then expect to get your compensation.
  • Minecraft is all about creating a world that’s unrestricted. It can take you as far as your imagination will let you. When you feel like you’ve had your fill of the game, and it’s time to move on, sell it fast!

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