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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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For gamers that have got a ton of IMVU credits, the online marketplace is the best place to unload them! Help IMVU users meet other people like content creators in style by having IMVU credits available anytime and anywhere. Since IMVU users devote their time in customizing their homepages, setting up public and private rooms, and other numerous tasks, they’ll need a lot of credits for them to create the ideal set up.

Selling IMVU Credits?

Transactions done over the internet can be dangerous. Not only do hackers and scammers lurk about, there's also the anonimity of everybody else to contend with. To mitigate the danger, sellers have to find a good marketplalce site to place their offers on.

First, they must consider its security. Without it, those lurking in the shadows can easily steal information and money during transactions. A marketplace with good security can help keep transactions on the right track.

Then consider its community. Big communities prove that the site has been around for a long time. Also, it says much about the general trustworthiness of the community. Sellers can be sure that a buyer would be interested in their offer as well.

After that, look at whether it has a reputation system. One such system makes it obvious who is there only to cause trouble for others, whether buyer or seller. Lastly, consider a marketplace without any subscription fees. That lets sellers set prices on their offers how they want. Subscriptions can hike up prices, lessening potential buyer interest in the offer.

Take all that into account to get the best out of selling IMVU Credits. Be sure to also read up on IMVU's policies about this kind of trading, to cover all the bases.

Enjoy IMVU!

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