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How to Sell Guild Wars Gold

Contact your buyer for a time and in-game place to meet. Depending on what you agreed on, you or the buyer will start the trade. Input the amount of gold to be delivered, and press ‘Submit Offer'. Let your buyer check the amount, and then agree to the trade. Make sure your buyer isn't too near the carrying limit, else the trade will cancel even if both of you agree to it.

As for pricing your gold, it's all up to you. We don't ask for any hidden or subscription fees, so you don't have to make it so expensive to break even. You can use your best judgment, or even give a discount for buying in bulk. That freedom is only one of the reasons why PlayerAuctions is the best player-to-player trading market.

Other reasons are our state-of-the-art PlayerGuardian System. It's what's keeping your sensitive information from leaking all over the internet. Then, we have our buyers rate our sellers so future buyers can easily find out the most reliable sellers. Still not convinced? Ask our growing community of 1 million and counting registered users.

PlayerAuctions is safe, secure, and dedicated to giving the best service. Join now and reap the benefits.

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