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Much to everyone’s surprise, FFXI is still very much alive & kicking. Although Square Enix has shut the servers down on the PS2 and Xbox 360, people are still playing it to this day on the PC. With this class still in active form, there’s no shortage when it comes to providing FFXI Gil to these players.

FFXI Gil: The Game to Sell Gil For

The Final Fantasy franchise is as strong as ever and has amassed a worldwide audience for its cast of characters, stories, and gameplay. How ironic that Square Enix dubbed it Final Fantasy due to the company going bankrupt! The beloved series that we have come to know and love was to be their final game back in the 1980s on the Famicom. In spite of this, it ultimately turned into such a massive hit that even the new generation holds it in high esteem. While Final Fantasy XI has often been overshadowed by its other predecessors, it is a game that is still relevant and more importantly—being played.

By making your FF11 Gil sale available to other players of this classic MMORPG, you are, in a way, keeping the game active and encouraging players to play it. While it may not look like it, there is still an ongoing demand for in-game currency for FFXI to this day. Since its debut back in 2002, there have been five expansion packs that have been released that made it all the more grind-heavy.

FFXI Gil Making Guide

When starting out, you will need to find efficient ways to store up on Gil to sell to other players. Thankfully, with the game not necessarily being updated anymore, it’s easy to track down the methods of farming Gil.

  • Always Be On Standby in the Auction House

    The Auction House is the main market in Vana’diel for commerce. There, thousands of different items may either be bought or sold from NPCs and other players. There, items can be bought, sold, and be offered into bids. The Auction House makes Gil in the millions, and you can dive into that as well by always moderating the wares. First, choose a craft that you want to get into. They should be the ones that are good for selling valuable items such as Alchemy, Bonecraft, Goldsmithing, and Cooking. After that, it’s best to take a Sub-Craft as well to widen your scope in terms of what to sell; remember that the economy doesn’t always go your way. Afterward, begin researching your target products. In other words: Find items in your craft that are sought after. This will help if you have a diverse product line because you can make millions of Gil consistently!

  • Undercutting

    With your product line being diverse enough, always have ten products or so that sell in the market really quick. It’s relatively easy considering that its fast money and people want to cash in. While it may seem like you’re losing profit, you’re not. Undercutting is a general method used by sellers to avoid crashing the market. Pick only 1-2 of these items to sell; otherwise, you’ll eventually crash the market for the item. Best of all, your item will sell before your other competitors and you’ll get a hefty profit. Selling limited daily amounts of these best-selling items can guarantee you quick, consistent sales.

  • FFXI Gil Farming

    Disclaimer: Farming does not equate to Gardening, which literally means to grow plants. Farming is used in FFXI as a slang term that means to repetitively kill weak monsters to get drops which can be sold for money. While it saps the fun out of the game in the most boring way, farming is one of the most popular Gil-making methods of all time. It’s generally popular because of its simple and straightforward way of making Gil. It’s possible to gain anywhere from 5,000 up to 100,000+ Gil per hour, depending on the job, character level, and farming location.

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