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Sell Elsword Online ED for Real Money

Elsword is a very grindy game – if players don’t make early on through quests, you’ll have a tough time during mid-game. This results in other players taking the easy way out by purchasing Elsword Online’s main currency, ED. Having tons of ED right from the get-go can net them all the costumes and gear they need to do the more challenging dungeons or bosses, this gives a perfect opportunity for sellers to make money selling Elsword Online ED.

The Secret to Getting More ED? Do Dungeons!

Once a seller hits level 70, they’ll be able to do Secret Dungeons. Secret Dungeons are a more complex variant of a typical dungeon that can give you great items that you can sell for a lot of ED. The most significant rewards you’d get from doing these are the Secret Dungeon equipment. These can net a significant amount of ED, which sellers can then make a profit from.

If sellers are instead looking for a random slew of items and equipment to sell, then the Heroic Dungeons are the place to go. Monsters in this type of dungeon have significantly greater damage and HP. You can also gain materials to enhance your accessories and gear. Note that resurrection is limited here, so try not to die too much.

Using Your Profession to Farm ED

Upon reaching level 40, sellers will have to choose between three professions. These are Alchemist, Treasure Hunter, and Blacksmith, all of which have their respective benefits. Sellers can then create nifty items to sell for a quick payout.

  • Alchemist - The Alchemist is the profession for potion lovers. Although it initially requires a bit of an investment, you’ll quickly make your ED back by crafting and selling enhanced potions.
  • Treasure Hunter - The Treasure Hunter is the most popular profession in Elsword since you can quickly level up by destroying treasure chests in dungeons. Despite being a tad grindier, the Treasure Hunter is the most profitable profession. This is because you can sell the items you get from treasure chests, and your chances of getting better and rarer items increase as you level up.
  • Blacksmith - As a Blacksmith, you gain the ability to dismantle and enhance equipment on your own without the help of the town’s NPC Blacksmith. While you need specific materials that sometimes aren’t easy to come by, you also gain the use of the El Anvil. The El Anvil allows you to make a random piece of equipment for free every hour and special equipment every 10 hours that gives you EXP.
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