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Sell Elden Ring Items for Cash

The game design of Elden Ring means there’s a rich market for sellers who are willing to farm the best items in the Land’s Between to offer buyers. An average player isn’t going to look in every nook and cranny to try to find where Bloody Finger Okina spawns to get Rivers of Blood. And not every player will want to go through the convoluted steps of Ranni’s quest to get the Dark Moon Greatsword (or they might forget to talk to Ranni’s doll and get locked out of the quest).

Likewise, the limited drop rates of Larval Tears or Cracked Pots, or Rune Arcs means consumables are a great choice for sellers as well. It’s simply more convenient for buyers to browse Cracked Pot offers than to check a wiki to see which enemy they must farm for five hours.

Tips to Flip Elden Ring Items for Profit

If sellers want to make more money selling Elden Ring Items, there are a few key items they should keep an eye out for first: the Silver Scarab Talisman, and Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot. The Silver Scarab Talisman can be found in a chest on the Hidden Path to the Haligtree, it’s on an invisible platform behind an illusory wall. The Talisman boosts Item Discovery by 75. The Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot is a consumable item that increases Item Discovery by 50 for a short time. The consumable is craftable after finding Missionary’s Cookbook [3] and it requires Rowa Fruit, Four-Toed Fowl Foot, and Silver Firefly. By using these two items in conjunction, a seller can more than double their item discovery, making farming crafting mats, enemy armor sets, weapons, and anything else far easier and more profitable.

After boosting Item Discovery. A great choice of items to farm for sellers are upgrade materials: Smithing Stones, Somber Smithing Stones, Grave Gloveworts, Golden Tears, and Sacred Tears. These are highly limited, especially at earlier levels, and for buyers who want to try out new builds, particularly for non-special weapons, they will typically be bottle-necked by Smithing Stones. By the end of the game, sellers should have all the miner’s ball-bearings, allowing them to purchase smithing stones up to Smithing Stone [8] and Somber Smithing Stone [9] from the Twin Maiden’s, meaning it’s easy to build up a large stockpile of upgrade materials to sale, provided sellers have enough Runes.

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