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How to Sell Clash of Clans Gems and Boosting Service for Real Money?

Have you invested long hours into your Clash of Clans account, and you don’t want to let it all go to waste? Perhaps you have heaps of shimmering gems in your inventory, or clans that have been strengthened by years of efforts. You have landed up at the right place where you can earn some good money for these efforts. Here are a few tips to help you sell your gems and clans:

  • Provide in depth description about the clan, or the number of gems that you are offering.
  • Attach screenshots of the game to help the buyers trust your product.
  • Offer reasonable prices that align with the rest of the offers at PlayerAuctions.
  • Ask the login credentials (Name, Player ID, and Password etc.) from the buyers when they have performed the transaction.
  • Clearly specify if you are providing services for Android, iOS or both.
  • Use the provided credentials to transfer the gems to the accounts.
  • If the request is for the clan, add the player into your clan, and make him/her the leader of the clan.
  • When the process is complete, let the buyer know so he can verify the smooth transaction.

Why Sell CoC Gems on PlayerAuctions?

PlayerAuctions is a platform that has connected thousands of buyers and sellers since 1999. We have always urged to develop a secure and reliable environment, where all the players can enjoy smooth transactions.

By signing up with us, you will be gaining immediate access to thousands of players that search our website to purchase gaming accounts and items. Offer them your best, and they will return the same! And in the meanwhile, trust us to ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure.

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