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Make Money Playing Clash of Clans

Working while having fun is like a dream for some people. Sellers can make it come true by offering Clash of Clans boosting services. They can play the game and earn money at the same time! It's a good way to help other people achieve their dreams of a great village and army. Offer up sevices and get started in making money while playing Clash of Clans!

Tips in Farming Resources

Many player ask the question of how to farm effectively and in which league. Here are some tips to consider and remember while farming or leveling.

  • Attack villages within a certain level range. Invade a base with a level too low, and the loot penalty would be too high. Too high would make it harder to get to the necessary buildings. Find a happy medium, but mostly on the lower side, to consistently have successful invasions.
  • Check the base thoroughly. Look for the collection buildings such as pumps and mines. Players can see how filled they are so if those buildings are looking empty, maybe it's best to look for another base to attack.
  • Sometimes, bases with more small collection buildings might be better than one with a few big collection buildings. Usually, big ones are more protected than the smaller ones so the smaller ones are easier to collect loot from. Depending on how many there are, invaders could still get as much as if they looted a big one.
  • The type of army used to invade other bases can also have an influence. Some compositions might be better for a quick invasion while others would be good for a siege. Consider using the best army for the purpose needed.

Keep these tips in mind when farming, and get those resources!

Types of CoC Services to Offer

Services can be categorized in these categories.

  • Resource Gathering
  • General Leveling
  • Wall Upgrading
  • Trophy Collecting

For sellers to provide the best service, they have to be willing to do the service. If any of those isn't enjoyable for them, then they can just offer what they're comfortable with. There's also the fact that some buyers may want more than one type of service. Communicate with the buyer about limits. Otherwise, a loss of service quality may lead to fewer customers. Make sure to always deliver services in time.

Now, when offering these services, it's best to do so on a reliable marketplace. With the added security, huge customer base, and no subscription fees, it's the best way to make money playing Clash of Clans.

Continue enjoying Clash of Clans!

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