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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Information

Where to Sell Clash of Clans Account?

Want to sell your CoC Account but don't know how or where to? PlayerAuctions is the perfect place for you to sell your Clash of Clans account safe, fast and for good money.

How to sell my CoC Account?

Selling an account through PlayerAuctions can be a fun process and thousands of people visit our site every day to check the latest deals on Clash of Clans Accounts.

Registration and offer-listing are 100% free. Simply follow below steps to post your offer and make it visible to thousands of players who are eager to get a CoC account in no time.

1. Register (for Free!)
2. Post your CoC account up for sale (Still Free!)
3. Once there is a buyer, we will notify you via email
4. Send account log in information to the buyer, or if you selected automatic delivery, we will send them for you instantly
5. Get paid once the buyer confirms the delivery

You can choose from a variety of disbursement methods to get paid, Skrill, bank transfer and many more. A small commission fee will be charged whilst you get paid, but you won't pay a penny before you earn any money.

Some Tips for Selling Your Clash of Clans Account

You will need to fill in some personal information while registering. Rest assured, those questions are asked purely for security reason, that we need to be sure of the legitimacy of every buyer, as well as the seller. We will not, in any case, disclose your private information to any third party.

When posting your offer, please describe your CoC account as detailed as possible, including level, device (whether it's iOS or Android based, and whether it's available for both systems) and any other important stats (TH/BH/King/Queen/Gems). It's also important to clarify if name changing is available.

In terms of delivery, we highly recommend you using the automatic delivery function so that your account information will be sent instantly to the buyer once paid. It makes the transaction process much easier and faster, and saves you the hassle to deliver manually. To enable automatic delivery, you will be asked to fill in the log in details of the CoC account that you are selling, including Apple ID, or linked email, password and security questions. Again, we will not disclose any of these information to any individual or third-party. The only person we will send them to is a legit buyer who has registered, ordered and paid for your account.

Is Selling CoC Account Safe on PlayerAuctions?

If trading accounts with PlayerAuctions wasn't safe, we would've gone out of business long ago (We've been operating since 1999). Instead, we have been a dominant player in account trading for almost a decade and we're only getting better. Part of what makes our trades so secure is our Player Guardian Protections system. It guarantees all of our sales and we ensure that, if you hand over your Clash of Clans account, money enters your pocket. It is important that you carefully read through the seller guide to ensure you're aware of how to trade safely. If you have any problems when you try to sell your COC Account, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team - it's what we're here for.

Happy trading!

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