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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Brawl Stars Account for Real Money

Other than having fun in Brawl Star, an exciting top-down shooter by gaming studio Supercell of Clash of Clans fame, what else can you do with the game? Make money. We mean real-life, cold-hard cash. How? By selling your account to other gamers via PlayerAuctions!

How to Sell Brawl Stars Account in PlayerAuctions

Selling a Brawl Star account here at PlayerAuctions is a breeze! Simply log in or register, then select Create Offer. However, before you do, make sure that your delivery settings are according to your preference. It can either be automatic, which will send the buyer the account details upon purchase, or manual, which will require you to send the details yourself via onsite email. We recommend an automatic delivery, as it is more convenient on your end.

Once the buyer confirms delivery, you will receive the payment after a five-day waiting period. If you’re a PowerSeller, the waiting period is reduced to just three days.

Putting a Price on Your Brawl Stars Account

We at PlayerAuctions do not require a particular price for our sellers’ offers. However, we recommend that they follow a particular standard. For Brawl Stars accounts, it would be preferable that sellers set the price according to the following:

  • Trophies – indicative of how many victories an account has.
  • Rank – determines your skill level and that of your opponents.
  • Brawler Skills – abilities that enhance a Brawler’s performance.
  • Skins – cosmetic items that change a Brawler’s looks.

The more or higher these things are in an account, the higher the price you can sell it for.

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