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The Story of How BGMI Started

In September 2020, there was turmoil in the gaming scene of India that rocked it to its core. This, of course, is the Indian government’s ban of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short. While it’ll take too much time to delve into the reason as to why that happened, the events can generally be best described as a sad day for the battle royale lovers in India.

Fast forward to July 2021, Battlegrounds India was officially launched. Perhaps the best part about the launch was that players were able to transfer their previous PUBG ID data to Battlegrounds India. This meant that they could continue playing with their previous in-game level, making it great news for gamers that already have accumulated a high level in PUBG before the ban started. Thanks to Battlegrounds India gaining traction, it has also increased the number of new players looking to play a battle royale video game for the very first time. As such, it’s unavoidable at this point for some of those folks to look for boosting or leveling services for BGMI. Sellers and boosters in Battlegrounds India will no doubt be swamped with prospective clients in search of affordably priced boosting services thanks to the game catching the eye of people who aren’t even non-gamers, to begin with.

Play to Win: How to Efficiently Make Money Playing BGMI

There’s still fun to be had when playing a game despite losing, but in this case, what’s the point of playing if one isn’t making the effort to win? Leveling up in Battlegrounds India is one of the most important aspects of the game. The secret to leveling up requires after-game points which can be gained after completing every match, except for Custom and Training matches. Down below are some tips on how to increase a player’s level quickly in the game.

  1. Always Check for Missions

    The easiest way to upgrade one’s level with relative ease is to always check whether they’re completing their missions or not. Unfortunately, many players tend to ignore this section which can be detrimental to their overall speed in leveling up. The missions that are displayed are divided into two different categories: Daily Missions and Progression Missions. Progress Missions are the easier ones to accomplish, so sellers should concentrate their efforts towards completing those types of missions.

  2. Don’t Go for Hot-Drops

    Areas that are considered to be POIs (point of interest) always offer a great amount of loot, making it a tempting prospect for any gamer that wants to get the weapons that they want. But in reality, the act of going to a POI location is one of the basic mistakes that gamers could ever commit. What people forget is that since POI locations tend to have a lot of loot, gamers will be attracted to that location like a swarm of bees and will end up engaging in combat almost instantly. For those that want to be in it for the long run, it’s better if they choose another location instead—preferably somewhere that’s a little quieter. Gamers that drop into hot spots almost always end up getting killed within just a few minutes after entering the game, and since surviving longer in BGMI increases the chances of getting a victory, it’s a no-brainer move to just avoid going to POIs altogether.

  3. Get to the Safe Zone Before Time Runs Out

    When the location of the safe zone appears, that’s a player’s cue to head on over there to keep themselves safe. Venturing outside the safe zone just a few seconds after it starts to shrink is a dangerous affair that can ultimately lead to a gamer’s demise. With people panicking and trying to get just over the edge of the safe zone, it makes them vulnerable targets for a possible ambush. This is due to opponents often lining up at the end of the safe zone to pounce upon the players who are trying to make their way into the circle. To avoid getting into those types of situations, players should try to remain within the safe zone throughout their matches—and perhaps be there early for good measure.

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