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Selling Albion Gold & Silver for Real Money

Players that have a stockpile of Albion Online Gold or Albion Online Silver and want to offload some of their loot can do so while earning money in the process. By putting up Albion Online Silver for sale, that is.

Reasons to Sell Albion Online Silver

Each way of making money through Albion Online comes with its advantages. That of selling Albion Online Gold is that sellers can use their accounts to farm the much-needed currency, allowing them to use their gear, knowledge, and access to various content to make money. That is true for both the game and in real life.

At the same time, newer players can also join in on the Albion Online silver selling. Once they learn the various ways of making silver and marketing trends, they shouldn’t have much trouble farming much silver, which will, later on, be sold for real money. In time, they could earn just as much as players that have been in the trade for quite some time. However, before engaging in any activity meant to farm silver, it is recommended that they follow the trader’s path first. For this particular Destiny Board path, players will be required to move items from one market to another.

It’s a foregone conclusion that the biggest reason to sell Albion silver is to earn money. From the buyers’ perspective, however, sellers help them out by giving them a way to get the currency without farming, trading, or any other time-consuming and mentally draining methods.

Various Ways to Make Albion Silver

Another advantage of using Albion silver to earn is that it gives players all sorts of methods they can use to make money. They are as follows:

  • Albion Online Silver Farming – This is the most popular method of earning Silver. There are many ways it’s done and can be quite reliable. A good example of that is literal farming, where players will have to plant crops and other usable plants, as well as animals that can serve as mounts.
  • Market Trading – It should go without saying that all ways of the most convenient ways of making silver involve Market Trading. It’s entirely possible to earn silver simply by buying cheap but in-demand items in bulk from the Market and then selling them for a higher price later on. By leaving players with very few alternatives, those that do this will eventually profit. Unfortunately, it is only for players that already have sufficient funds, as well as the knowledge on how to make this work. As for newer players, players that don’t have as many funds, as well as those that do not like taking chances, they’ll have to make money via the Market the old-fashioned way. That means farming items first and then later on selling them.
  • Doing combat-related content is also a great way to make Albion silver. This applies to both dungeons and PVP. The former only rewards a modest amount of silver, but also gives out all sorts of items that can, later on, be sold for silver. At times, these items are worth more than the silver these dungeons reward.

As for PVP, it is a great way to make silver. Players will either have to go for solo or group PVP. Solo has a lower chance of winning but the prize will not be split, while group PVP gives better chances, but the prize will be split.

How Albion Online Silver Sellers Can Set Prices

Since the Albion Online Silver is owned by the sellers, they have the freedom. They can certainly make a listing for the currency and set the price that they want to sell it at. For first-time sellers, it is recommended for them to have more affordable prices compared to the competition to make their offers more attractive to potential buyers. They can also find ways to make their offer more affordable while at the same time earning just as much. They can also take a look at various seller guides, which are available from a wide variety of sources. With this, they will be able to get an idea of the overall process involved in earning real-world money from in-game currency.

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