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Where Is The Name Roblox From?

Roblox Name

What started as a simple block game soon began to grow into a more intricate web of games, gathering players from all over the world through the power of play. That is Roblox, where players and creators of different ages and backgrounds are connected through shared experiences.

While Roblox continues to grow faster than ever as creators are making new genres and games to experience, has the thought of Roblox’s history ever occurred to you? Take a trip down memory lane with our article as you go through Roblox’s history and get to know where the name Roblox actually comes from.

What Is Roblox?

To better understand Roblox, think of it as a platform for many different games and experiences. There are two types of people in Roblox: The consumers and the digital creators. While most of the players in Roblox are consumers as opposed to creators, if you’re interested, you can also program games of your own for others to experience. 

To make the platform more sociable, the game has a chat feature where you can interact with friends that you’ve met in games. In addition, microtransactions are there, where you can buy in-game currency with real-life money for avatar customization and some games that cost money to unlock. Well, Roblox creators don’t create content for free, as this is their only source of income.

How Did Roblox Get Its Name

Looking at it, It’s pretty evident that Roblox is a blend of robot and block with an x. Having said that, let’s go back to 1989, where it all began. Everything started with a single block when co-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel developed the Interactive Physics program.

Interactive Physics

Interactive Physics was a 2-D simulation program for students to visualize how objects interact in real life. The duo then took inspiration from the students, which later laid down the groundwork for Roblox. The program was then bought out by MSC Software before the DUO founded Roblox Corporation in 2004.

GoBlocks And DynaBlocks 

That said, much had happened before deciding on the name Roblox for the company. In 1996 the duo started working on a little game called GoBlocks, and it was from here that true development for Roblox started. Up till 2003, assets and mockups were created for GoBlocks, which in that year was changed to DynaBlocks.

Dynablocks would later go on to be scrapped in favor of Roblox. The Roblox platform was finally available for public use on 1st September 2006. While we never really got to know why GoBlocks was changed to Dynablocks, the reason for naming it Roblox was obviously the need for a simple yet witty name that could be easily remembered.

Final Thoughts

Roblox is an excellent platform where everyone, regardless of age and background, can harness their creative skills, which proves equally fun and rewarding. While we’ve mostly spent time playing Roblox during the Pandemic, as they say, it’s always worth knowing about one’s roots.


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