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Cute Roblox Avatars

Roblox Cute Avatars

Roblox is a game that lets you customize your character from a vast array of possibilities. From being an animal to a rockstar celebrity, the famous online gaming platform lets you do it all. With a plethora of customizability options to choose from, it can be hard and overwhelming for players to stylize their Roblox characters however they like.

Dive in as we talk about some of the cutest Roblox Avatars you can make for yourself that will make your friends' jaws drop in awe. 

What Are Roblox Avatars

Avatars in Roblox are a person’s symbol in the game, and every user on the platform is given one. You can either just go with a random one or customize it to your liking. The game allows you to add different cosmetics and accessories to your avatars, such as clothes, skin colors, body parts, and even animations!

What’s great about these avatars is that the options are so endless that you can even create a character that looks exactly like you. With that said, to achieve your desired aesthetics, you will need to spend Robux on cosmetics.

5 Cute Roblox Avatars

Here are some of the cutest Roblox Avatars we came up with that you can equip to give your character an adorable and lovable look:

Blue Bunny Man

If you want to get a costume that is not only cheap but cute, too, then don’t waste any more time and get your hands on the Blue Bunny Man. For as low as 233 Robux, the Avatar lets you have a pretty awesome-looking blue sweater and spiked hair. Not only that, but you’re always carrying this big stuffed bunny on your back that is simply the definition of adorable. 

Here are all the cosmetics included in the Blue Bunny Man bundle:

  • Pastel Blue Back Bunny
  • Light Blue Champion Sweater
  • Pastel Hair for Beautiful People
  • Blue Panget Boys Pants


If you want to combine cute with some color, then there’s no best way to do it than getting the Rainbow Avatar. This avatar is for females, where you’ll get a skirt, wings, and even your socks mixed in all seven rainbow colors. A very vibrant costume, it will cost you a whopping 2000 Robux. However, it is worth every penny, in our opinion. 

Here are all the items that will be included in this bundle:

  • IamSannas Rainbows
  • Blonde High Double Space Buns
  • Daydream
  • Superstar Ponytails in Blond
  • Rainbow Fox Tail
  • Rainbow Drink
  • Pastel Rainbow Blouse
  • Rainbow Heart Fairy Wings
  • Super Happy Face
  • Star Ballon Rain
  • Rainbow Shoulder Bag

Aesthetic Boy

This avatar is perfect for those players looking for an emo and gothic look to your character. Your character gets a rose that he/she is holding in their mouth, a cool grin as well as some edgy makeup that perfectly fits the theme that just too in 850 Robux. If you’re willing to spend 60 more Robux, you can also get your hands on the Falling Blossoms for an even sicker look!

Here is the list of the complete bundle:

  • Big Grin – Tai Verdes
  • Falling Blossoms
  • Terrible Teddy
  • White Devil Hood
  • Roblox Default Clothing (Pink)
  • White Anime Hair
  • Y2K Emo Black Shirt
  • Pink Rose
  • and Sakura Glasses

Cat Bee

What’s more cuter than a fluffy cat combined with a charming bee? It’s called the Cat Bee! In 660 Robux, you can have your torso look like a bee with yellow and black stripes, antennas, and wings, while the feline characteristics will be seen on your face with brown eyes and fuzzy ears. You can also add some whiskers if you want to give your character a more cat-like look!

The items included in this bundle are:

  • White Hair Flower
  • Pixel Bee Swarm
  • Calico Cat Ears
  • Honey Wings
  • Cat-Bee Shirt
  • Haircut in Platinum
  • Cat-Bee Pants
  • Bee Antenna
  • Extra Fluffy Pigtails
  • Mini Big Bee
  • Calico Cat Tails

Elf Goddess

Who thought Goddesses were cute? Well, the ones in Roblox definitely are! In this low-priced yet aesthetically pleasing Elf Goddess Avatar, you’ll get a dress embroidered in Gold that will suit your character no matter the occasion. You can get your hands on this attractive outfit in just 731 Robux. 

Here’s what you can get by purchasing this Avatar:

  • Angel Soft Dress
  • Elf Ears with White Piercings
  • White/Gold Jeweled Horns of the Abyss
  • Anime Hair Bangs
  • White Pointy Fluffy Ears
  • Crown Blind Mask Gold
  • Cute Cosplay Goddess Angel Soft Sleeves
  • Long Hair Extensions with Pigtails in White
  • Calm Anime Head


If you find frogs to be cute, you’ll find the Frogg avatar even cuter. This avatar consists of a really adorable-looking headgear where you’re basically carrying a frog on your head. Other than that, you also get green-colored pajamas as well as a new hairstyle for only 325 Robux, which pretty much sounds like a bargain to me. 

Here is the list of all items you need to get your hands on this cuteness-overloaded costume:

  • Cute Lil’ Frog Hood
  • Black Messy HairstylePink Rose Buns
  • Flower Baby
  • Star Cheeks
  • Baby Chick Companion
  • Pearls
  • Blue Koi Fish Aesthetic
  • Cinnamon Long Ponytails
  • Summer Gals
  • Duck Floaty
  • Anime Nervous Sweat Droplet
  • Water Pond
  • Shiba in a Basket
  • Long Black High Set Pigtails
  • Frog Onesie (Sleeves)
  • Frog Onesie
  • Black Cat Ears Hairstyle

Summer Pixie Core

The Summer Pixie Core set contains all the essentials you need whenever you’re going to your pool on a hot day to relax and let out all the heat. The avatar consists of 12 items, which include a cute-looking Ducky Float as well as a small surface of the pool beneath your feet. 

you’ll also get some flower accessories that will make you stand out from the others, and if that isn’t enough, there’s a cute puppy peeking from the knapsack you’re wearing behind.

Here are all the list items you need to be able to enjoy the Summer Pixie Core Avatar:

  • Pink Rose Buns
  • Flower Baby
  • Star Cheeks
  • Baby Chick Companion
  • Pearls
  • Blue Koi Fish Aesthetic
  • Cinnamon Long Ponytails
  • Summer Gals
  • Duck Floaty
  • Anime Nervous Sweat Droplet
  • Water Pond
  • Shiba in a Basket


All in all, cute Avatars are a way for Roblox players to show their creative side. While the options for attractive Avatars are limited, the possibilities to customize them in infinite! So make sure whatever Avatar you’re making is unique from what your friends have in the game. 


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