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OSRS Ranged Guide 2021

Range in OSRS is a common but important skill to train. From safe-spotting high level monsters for loot, to taking down melee players in PvP situations, it's vital to keep up with the best ranged training methods in OSRS. This 2021 Old School RuneScape Range Guide will provide you with the best F2P and P2P ranged training methods.

Why You Should Train Ranged

In OSRS, there are three combat skills you can choose from. Among them, the safest one is Ranged, for obvious reasons. It’s also quite easy to pick up, but it can be quite the grind if you don’t know where to level up. Aside from that, you can also make money out of it. To help you out with that, here is our Ranged Training OSRS guide.

The Three OSRS Ranged Styles

There are three ranged styles, or attack options, that you should know about:


Accurate gives a +3 unwritten bonus to the Ranged level in order to increase accuracy when using this style. For every point of damage dealed, 4 xp in Ranged, and 1.33 xp in Hitpoints are earned.


As the name suggests, the Rapid style grants a higher rate of fire at the cost of accuracy, meaning you are more likely to miss. The experience granted is the same as the Accurate style per damage dealt.


The Longrange style increases the distance from which you can attack. It also grants an invisible +3 Defence bonus. For every point of damage dealed, 2 xp in Ranged, 2 xp in Defence, and 1.33 xp in Hitpoints are earned.

OSRS F2P Ranged Training (Non-Members)

With that covered, let’s now talk about training. Like in almost skills, the way you’ll go about this depends on depends on your membership status.

F2P Range Weapons

For F2P players, you'll only have access to three weapon types:

  • Shortbow – has a decent attack speed of 6. Most recommended for leveling. Use the training bow until you reach level 10 Ranged.
  • Longbow– has slower attack speed but has a range of 2 tiles further.
  • Crossbow– has a slower attack speed than shortbow but is only one-handed, allowing you to equip shields. Do note, however, that using shields can give you a range penalty.

Arrows and bolts are a separate item from bows. In addition to that, they’re also consumable, so you need to make them count when you use them, especially the rarer, more expensive ones.

Which Weapon Should I Use?

We recommend using the training bow at the start and then using the best bow available for your level as you progress. Shortbows are ideal for Range training due to their high rate of fire and decent damage, but it's up to your preference of weapon type.

Here's a quick guideline:

Level Weapon
1-4 or 1-20 Training Bow
5-19 Oak Shortbow
20-29 Willow Shortbow
30+ Maple Shortbow

Which Arrows/Bolts Should I Use?

Again, similarly to weapons, you should start with training arrows and then switch as you progress. Iron arrows are ideal as they are relatively cheap and deal good damage, but if you're willing to spend a bit more, Steel arrows are a great choice. There's no need to go for Mithril or Adamant arrows for training - these are more suited for player-killing or special purposes due to their price.

If you decide to use a crossbow, you'll be limited to using Bronze bolts as a F2P player. These will deal the same damage as Iron arrows.

F2P Range Armour

Armour is highly important and should be picked carefully in order to optimize defence and range bonuses to provide you with the best experience rates when training.

Defensive Range Armour

Level Armour
1-9 Leather Chaps, Vambraces, and Body
10-19 Leather Chaps, Vambraces, and Hardleather Body
20-39 Coif, Leather Vambraces, Studded Body and Chaps
40+ Coif, Green D'hide Chaps, Vambraces, and Body

Amulets - Boost your Bonuses

For amulets, the Amulet of Power is considered best in slot, as it gives the best offensive boosts. The Amulet of Accuracy, while not as good as the former, gives a fair boost to Ranged attacks. Lastly, Amulet of Defence is an alternative if you prefer to increase defense.

F2P Range Leveling - Monsters

With gear pretty much explained, let’s now go to which monster you’ll be grinding on at specific levels.

Level Monster
1-4 Goblins and Chickens (Lumbridge)
5-6 Monks (Monastery)
7-19 Wizards (Draynor Village)
16-19 (Optional) Barbarians (Barbarian Village)
20-34 Minotaurs (Stronghold of Security)
42+ Moss Giants (Crandor Isle, Wilderness, Varrock Sewers)
65+ Lesser Demons (Karamja, Crandor)
76+ Ankou (Stronghold of Security)

OSRS P2P Ranged Training (Members)

Ranged training as a member is hugely different from being free-to-play. The first advantage you have is a much wider arsenal of weapons and projectiles at your disposal. Here are some of the weapons you’ll be using on the way to 99:

  • Cannon – AKA the Dwarf Multicannon. Its ammo, the cannonball, is quite expensive.
  • Throwing Knives – to be used at rock crabs. It’s recommended to use steel and mithril throwing knives, as they have more range than iron knives.
  • Darts – damage-dealing throwing items that are cheaper than throwing knives.

P2P Range Armour and Gear

Utilizing armour and gear to give yourself the best bonuses, and therefore the best exp per hour, is an extremely important part of Range training. Here's our recommendations on gear and armour as you progress through the levels:

Level Armour
1-9 Leather Cowl, Body, Vambraces, and Chaps
10-19 Hardleather Body (10 Def), Leather Cowl, Vambraces, and Chaps
20-29 Coif, Studded Chaps and Body, Leather Vambraces
30-39 Full Snakeskin Armour and Ava's Attractor
40-49 Green D'hide Armour w/ Archer Helm (45 Def) and Ava's Accumulator
50-59 Blue D'hide Armour
60-69 Red D'hide Armour
70-79 Black D'hide Armour and Ava's Assembler
70+ Armadyl Armour (70 Def)
80+ Void Armour (Pest Control)

Amulets to Boost your Bonuses

There are also a selection of amulets that can be used to boost your range bonuses to help you get the best xp/hour rates. Some of our favourites are the Amulet of Glory (+6 range attack bonus and affordable), Amulet of Fury (+10 range attack bonus but expensive), and the Necklace of Anguish (+15 range attack but requires 75 Hitpoints).

P2P 1-99 Range Guide

Here's a step-by-step guide to going from 1-99 Range quickly and efficiently.

Levels 1-32 - Questing

Finish the quests Shadow of the Storm, Death to Dorgeshuun, and Horror from the Deep. The Range experience earned from these quests will boost you from level 1 to 32 without having to grind out the levels killing low-level mobs.

Levels 33-55/70 - Killing Rock Crabs

From here on, you can kill Rock Crabs near Rellekka. The following weapons will provide you with good experience:

  •   ○ Darts, up to adamant
  •   ○ Dorgeshuun Crossbow (level 28)
  •   ○ Highest-level throwing knife you have
  •   ○ Rune Crossbow and broad bolts

Levels 45+ - Throwing Chinchompas on Ape Atoll

Throwing Chinchompas at maniacal monkeys on Ape Atoll is the fastest way to level Range in OSRS. Wear gear to boost Range and you'll be at 99 in no time at all.

Levels 75+ - Cannoning Daggonoths under the Lighthouse

If you get bored throwing Chinchompas, try Cannoning Dagonnoths under the Lighthouse while using a blowpipe to get yourself up to 175,000 exp per hour!

Level 75+ - Nightmare Zone

Using a blowpipe and steel darts at the Nightmare Zone is an affordable alternative to chinchompas. Mithril darts along with the Sharp Eye Prayer and Necklace of Anguish can earn you up to 110,000 exp per hour.

RuneScape 2007: Making Money out of Ranged

Finally, it’s time to make money through Ranged. It’s actually not recommended to make money out of combat skills, but in case you have to, here are the top five ways. These are arranged by profit.

  • Killing Vorkath (Dragon Hunter crossbow) – 3,520,000 Gold
  • Chambers of Xeric (recommended 90+ Ranged) – 2,821,000 Gold
  • Killing Demonic Gorillas (recommended 75+ Ranged) - 2,182,000 Gold
  • Killing the Abyssal Sire (recommended 85+ Ranged) – 1,834,000 Gold
  • Killing Zulrah (recommended 80+ Ranged) – 1,769,000 Gold.

So there you have it – our guide for Ranged. Hopefully, this has either encouraged you to try out this convenient combat skill, or helped you grind it faster or earn gold out of it.

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