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The Neverwinter brand is very popular among long-time roleplaying fans, especially those that are into Dungeons and Dragons. The MMO has also been out for quite some time and continues to be a solid experience. Players that need help can always buy game-related things with or sell them, for that matter, in PlayerAuctions’ Neverwinter Marketplace.

PlayerAuctions' Never Winter Marketplace

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by NeverWinter or its trademark owner.

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About Never Winter Online Marketplace

What is Neverwinter?

Neverwinter is the MMORPG spinoff of Neverwinter Nights, a roleplaying game whose settings and rules are based on Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition. Due to the nature of the genre, however, Neverwinter does not share the same mechanics. Instead, it uses action-oriented combat, giving it a faster pace compared to many games in the genre, especially western ones.

Other than that, the game is pretty much MMO standard fare. That, however, is not a bad thing, as the game has so much going for it. At the same time, the sheer amount of content that the game has gained at the course of time has become daunting. The level cap is already at 70, and it takes much time to get there, especially those that will begin from scratch.

Plus, even at level 70, players can still choose to grind for overflow experience. After hitting a certain amount of XP, they will receive a reward. This is completely optional but highly recommended for competitive players, especially those that want to participate in high-level endgame content.

Another part of that grind are the items. It’s only natural for some items to be more important than others because of how helpful they are. Thus, it follows that they are considered as rare and valuable items. Players can get them by accomplishing content, which means they will be taking much time and effort, and there is even a chance to not get the item at all due to the RNG. As for crafting materials, they are usually gathered en masse, and doing so can be tedious.

What is the Zen Market and the Astral Diamond Exchange?

Alternatively, players can buy them from their fellow players with Astral Diamonds, which has become the game’s primary currency. This is true not just for premium items, but also for items sold in the auction house. It is recommended for players to always have a lot of Astral Diamonds, as it’s common to find items in the auction house that they might want or need but don’t have enough of the currency for it.

There are many ways to get Astral Diamonds, but the fastest way to get them is by buying them using Zen Points, which in turn is purchased by real-life currency and, conversely, Astral Diamonds as well. Buying them using Zen Points from the Astral Diamond Exchange, however, is not the cheapest way to get them. Likewise, there are players that may not have enough Astral Diamonds and would rather buy items using money, yet at the same time do not want to buy Zen Points from the Zen Market.  

Conversely, there are players that want to sell Astral Diamonds, items, as well as other things related to the game. For that, there is the Neverwinter Market.

What is the Neverwinter Market?

The Neverwinter Market is a place where players can buy almost anything, provided that someone is selling them. The biggest advantage that traders see in the Neverwinter Market is that items and Astral Diamonds sold here are usually of a cheaper price, as sellers would like to give players a reason to buy from them instead of the official shop.

Sellers are not given a hard requirement that they must follow when it comes to their pricing. Rather, they are simply encouraged to sell at profitable yet fair prices so that players will go for them instead of other players. Fair here means close to the value of what is being sold. For example, the value of Astral Diamond depends on current market trends, while that of items depends on their importance, rarity, and status symbol.

Other than items and currency, the Neverwinter Market is also where players can buy an account – something that cannot be sold in the official shop. There are many reasons why players buy an account, but the most common of them is to skip the grind, and this is the only way to do so. As for the value of accounts, it is usually determined by the amount of Astral Diamonds, Zen Points, level and overflow experience rewards of the character, and total value of items in the account.

Finally, the Neverwinter Market is also for sellers as much as it is for buyers, as it would not exist without them in the first place. They simply need to follow the rules and ensure that they keep an honest business, as doing so will help maintain a friendly and trustworthy trading community.

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