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Neverwinter endgame account with multiple endgame characters

I Want to Sell

$ 1800.00

  • 1. Check out and complete the payment
  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
  • 3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description
  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid

This account is perfect for anyone that want to jump straight into endgame (Mod 27).
The optimal gear for multiple classes is available on the account (Warlock DPS, Barbarian DPS and Tank, OP Healer, Control Wizard (both paragons), GF Tank) and can be showcased.
Newest gear (up until Mod26) is on the account so that 90k IL can be reached with multiple characters.

25.000 Zen (=250 euro) in the Asteral Diamond Exchange Tab, since April, so the Zen will be available on the account in December
50 million+ AD (around 660 euros)
20k+ Trade Bars
10 Invokable Characters (one of each class, 2x Trickster Rouge), all level 80, besides the second Trickster Rouge
Campaigns are completed on all characters but the Bard (since Mod 24 campaigns are only half done)
- maximum VIP Rank 12, and another 8 months of VIP left on the account
- all buyable races available besides moon elf (Dragonborn, metallic dragonborn, aasimar, menzoberranzan renegade, gith)

10 Mythic Collars (unbound, can be sold) - (200 Euros each from the Zen Market = 2.200 Euros)
69 Mythic Insignias (unbound) + 2 bound Mythic insignias
all combat enchantments available at mythic quality!
- 2 of each single stat enchantment (bound to account), 4 garnet enchantments (bound to account)
- Triple Book set (with all Pages on Warlock and Barbarian)
- at least 600 Reroll Tokens per character with a maximum of 2600 on the Barbarian

35 Account wide mounts:
Quality of the Mount is displayed by color coding: Mythic, Legendary, Epic
Noble Pegasus
Omen of Despair
Empowered Dragonbone Golem
Nightfire Dragonnel
Rimefire Salamander
Marvelous Reconnaissance Ballons
Myconid Bulette
Umber Hulk
Ebon Riding Lizard
Deadly Driderform
Uni the Unicorn
Demon Wings
Frost Giantess
King of Spines
Barded Neverwintan Lion
Eclipse Lion

Hag's Cauldron
Cosmos Stag
Commander Tyrannosaur
Tenser's Floating Disk
Armored Griffon
Black Ice Warhorse
Giant Toad
Armored Bullet
Imperial Rage Drake
Carpet of Flying
Volcanic Flail Snail
Switft Golen Lion
Runeclad Manticore
Slab of Vecna
Bigby's Hand
Gold Dragon Wings

Glorious Panda

- 11 Acoount Wide Companions:
Quality of the Mount is displayed by color coding: Mythic, Legendary, Epic

Alpha Compy
Tamed Velociraptor

Golden Goat
Golden Cat
Golden Deep Crow Egg
Golden Bulette Pup

Shadow Elemental
Drizzt Do'Urden

If you are interested, want to see screenshots, get more information, or want the whole account to be showcased to you please contact me on Discord: .vibrancy

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