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List of all armor passives in Helldivers 2

armor passives

List of all armor passives in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 features multiple armor sets with varying stats and perks. Some of them share the same passives but possess different attributes that give them an edge over others in specific situations. The perks are something that players should consider whenever they do their excursions to various planets. These passives can mean life or death in certain situations. 

All Helldivers 2 Armor Passives

Currently, the game has seven distinct armor passives shared throughout armor classes. Lights, medium, and heavy sets can feature the same perks despite their difference in stats, making some more useful than others in specific scenarios. Here are all the available Helldivers 2 Armor Passives:

  • Democracy Protects – Gains a 50% chance of ignoring lethal damage and prevents bleeding damage from chest hemorrhages.
    • TR-9 Cavalier of Democracy (Medium)
    • DP-40 Hero of the Federation (Medium)
    • DP-11 Champion of the People (Medium)
  • Engineering Kit – Reduces recoil by 30% while crouching or on prone and increases the initial capacity and slots by 2.
    • CE-35 Trench Engineer (Medium)
    • CE-74 Breaker (Light)
  • Extra Padding – Gain additional Armor rating (primarily for generic armor sets).
  • Fortified – Gain 30% reduced recoil while crouching or prone while increasing explosive resistance by 50%.
    • B-24 Enforcer (Medium)
    • FS-05 Marksman (Heavy)
    • FS-23 Battle Master (Heavy)
  • Med Kit – Adds two more slots and holding capacity for stims, increasing their effect duration by 2 seconds.
    • CM-09 Bonesnapper (Medium)
    • CM-14 Physician (Medium)
  • Servo-Assisted – Gain an additional 50% limb HP and advance ordinance throwing range by 30%.
    • TR-62 Knight (Heavy)
    • SA-25 Steel Trooper (Medium)
    • SA-12 Servo Assisted (Medium)
    • SA-32 Dynamo (Heavy)
  • Scout – Pings points of interest on the map every 2.0 seconds via a radar scan while reducing enemy detection by 30%.
    • SC-30 Trailblazer Scout (Light)
    • SA-04 Combat Technician (Medium)

How to Get These Armor Sets

Players can commonly obtain Armor Sets by trading Medals in Warbonds. This section serves as the game's battle pass, but instead of progressing it with EXP, you go through its pages using Medals. You can obtain this currency by playing missions or finding them as loot in hidden points of interest. 

Gamers can also obtain other items by purchasing the DLCs and Premium Warband. The former will require players to spend real money, which can help support the developers. The latter can be obtained using Super Credits, which you can get by buying them with money or finding them in-game.

Which Sets You Should Go For

Ideally, it would help if you aimed for sets with the Democracy Protects and Scout perks. These Helldivers 2 Armor Passives provide helpful utilities that are beneficial during early-game stages. The former protects you from lethal damage, which can help when Terminids or Automatons swarm you. The Democracy Protect is most useful when you don't have every Stratagem unlocked yet. 

The Scout perk lets you detect POIs in nearby areas, which can help in farming Samples and other loot. Since you can gain Super Credits and Medals from crash escape pods, having this passive enables you to locate them much faster. Scout armor is proper when trying to farm other currencies in the game.

Why are Some Armor Sets More Expensive than Others

Generally, items become much more expensive the further you go through the Warbonds. There are no other practical reasons for their cost increase, but some might be more useful than others, even if they have the same perks. For example, the SA-04 Combat Technician becomes more valuable in more complex stages than the SC-30 Trailblazer Scout because the former is a medium armor that provides more protection.

Will More Helldivers 2 Armor Passive Become Available

Arrowhead Game Studios announced that they’ll add more items and armor soon, and it would be a good idea for them to introduce more passives to make the gameplay more innovative. We don't have any roadmap or additional devs' notes yet, so we must wait for further announcements.

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