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Grand Theft Auto V has been around for years and with many players active in its online mode, some began trading the cash that they’ve earned playing the game. With the GTA store, traders now have a haven where they can go for all things related to GTA V such as cash, cars, and deadly weapons.

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About GTA Online Marketplace

The Wonders of GTA V Online

Grand Theft Auto V was one of those that blew people’s minds when it first came. Smack dab in the middle of Los Santos, players were able to immerse themselves in a fictional city (Los Santos was heavily inspired by Los Angeles, California) with all its bells and whistles. The previous GTA titles, while great, didn’t have that much of an open-worldness to them. Whereas for Grand Theft Auto V, there was at least the countryside that surrounded the game’s main area. The campaign of the much-loved Rockstar Games title was great from start to finish and the story of the three musketeers (Michael, Trevor, and Franklin) highlighted just the overall goofiness of everything. The players were able to see the lives of the three characters in GTA V by swapping between them at any time they wanted. This was quite the innovation when this was announced because never before did gamers have a Grand Theft Auto title to have three main characters cast, it was always just one. Plus could buy multiple houses, spend their time however they want, and even go on bank heists! Then came GTA V online where everything was turned upside down.

While playing solo is fine and all in GTA, the online aspect of it is incredibly fun. Thus, many players immediately go for the online experience these days as opposed to back then where they would just play the game for the story. The things that players can do in GTA V are rather simple: they can do missions with other players online, rob stores, steal cars, and even kill the other players. All in all, it’s the perfect place for tomfoolery.

The Importance of the GTA 5 Stock Market

In Grand Theft Auto V, money is everything--literally. Lest players will have a hard time finding any enjoyment within the game. If players want to have the coolest-looking sports cars and multiple mansions that have hot jacuzzis installed, then they’ll of course need a lot of dough. This is where the stock market in GTA V comes in. The stock market is the perfect place for gamers to get filthy rich, and best of all, it operates in the same way as real life.

Stocks in GTA V are constantly getting affected by all sorts of things and these include progressing through the single-player story, in-game purchases, and what the other players are buying and selling within the market. It’s safe to say that the stock market in GTA V is a crucial part of the economy and overall percentage of the players in the game. If the stock market were to experience some sort of crash, everyone would easily suffer its consequences. As such, GTA online players are always making sure when is the right time to buy or sell certain stocks.

GTA 5 Stock Market Guide

  1. Waiting is Crucial

    Knowing when the time is right is the most important rule to know about when dealing with the stock market in GTA V. For example when doing Franklin’s Assassination Missions, it is best to wait for as long as possible before performing that specific quest/mission. From there, players must then throw all of their investments into Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. The reason for this is because the missions are a guaranteed way of getting double or even triple the amount of what the player has an initial investment in the characters. Plus, since Franklin’s Assassination Missions are repeatable after doing the first one to progress the story, players can just easily pile on their money to them without having to do that much effort.

  2. Buy Cheap, Sell High

    One of the best GTA 5 stock market tips that every GTA online player knows about is to always try to buy low and sell high. To do this, players must first know what stocks have hit an all-time low. For example, the AirEMU airline company has somewhat low prices--that’s the right time to buy them. While waiting is fine and all, players can make the moves themselves to make the prices of the stocks that they bought to go through the roof. The best way is to do a bit of research about the rivaling company where they bought their stocks. In this case, the rival company of AirEMU is FlyUS. Players can then start destroying all of the FlyUS planes that are in the Los Santos International Airport. By doing so, they’ll be able to steadily decrease the market value of FlyUS and in turn increase AirEMU’s instead.

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