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Fortnite Leaderboard Rankings 2024

The “best” in any game will always be a subjective one as it will truly depend on the eyes of the beholder. On top of that, there’s the issue of what exactly constitutes THE BEST. By what criteria do you single out the cream of the crop? Do you go with Fortnite rankings alone? Do you go beyond the Fortnite leaderboard and consider a player’s presence and impact in the gaming community as a whole? Even then, there will always be intangibles on top of the Xs and Os that will make certain players shine more than others. With that being said, there’s a select group of players who always seem to manage to be ahead of the curve. These players are clearly ahead of the pack—in our eyes and through their sheer performance in various tournaments as well.

Without further ado, we unveil our take on who the best Fortnite player is. Let the Battle Royale commence so we can see which players are left standing once the proverbial dust settles!

Who is the best Fortnite player in the world?

If there’s a single metric by which you can hang your hat on in your quest to be the best Fortnite player in the world, it’s perhaps the leaderboard. Your Fortnite player stats don’t lie. While the rankings shuffle routinely throughout the seasons, there are players who are consistently at the top of the heap. More than that, there are those whose prominence in the Fortnite community is beyond question.

These players are the following:

  1. 1. Ninja - One of the most notorious figures in Fortnite, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, consistently ranks among the best Fortnite players at any given time. His contribution to the world of eSports is without question. Though, as his name suggests, he can sometimes be a “shadow” as he’s not as prominent as some others on this list with regards to his online presence.
  2. 2. TFue - Turner “TFue” Tenney is as controversial as you can get. Coming from PUBG and H1Z1 before stamping his mark on Fortnite, this almost mythical figure in the world of Fortnite manages to draw a steady stream of viewers on Twitch thanks to his captivating skills and unparalleled charisma. In fact, he is one of the top earners in the game.
  3. 3. DrLupo There’s more to the Fortnite leaderboard than just the rivalry between Ninja and TFue, and DrLupo can attest to that. While not as controversial or talked-about as the two aforementioned players, DRLupo can stand his ground beyond his presence in the online community. This is evident in his undeniable ability to consistently rank among the best players in the world. Kids, the doctor is IN.

How to rank up fast in Fortnite?

The most legit metric to rank up fast is to rack up your eSports wins. This can be done either as a solo player or as a clan. If you consistently rank among the top in any Fortnite leaderboard, then you will surely get noticed and get your due props in the community and your Fortnite rank will rocket way up.

How does the Fortnite leaderboard work?

Ah, the Fortnite leaderboard—the one reference that can make (or break) your reputation in Fortnite! As you play Fortnite, your final weekly placement will subsequently earn you and your team Series Points. These points will then be tallied in the Series Leaderboard. This will then be considered as your overall score in the Fortnite Champion Series. Once the Season Finals arrives, the teams with the highest scores will aptly fill out the top spots. Players are urged to keep a close watch on the running tally by simply entering their in-game names. This way, players can get to see their chances of making it through to the Finals.

Who is the best Fortnite player on Xbox?

The question “who is the best Fortnite player” becomes an easier one to answer when you narrow it down via console of choice. If we’re going by the sheer number of wins alone, it’s plain to see that as of right now, the player Mixer Ship is clearly ahead of everyone else. With over 9000 wins raked in from over 20,000 matches, Mixer Ship’s record is double that of the closest rival.

Who is the best Fortnite player on PS4?

Since we tackled the best Fortnite player on Xbox, it’s only fitting that we finish big and discuss the best on PS4. As with most lists for top Fortnite players, we get a mixed bag on the PS4 platform. The prominent names are (surprise!) TFue and Dakotaz. As any gamer will tell you, the difference between PC and console gaming in terms of shooter games is night and day. The transition from PC to PS4 or XboxOne is not a smooth one, so the mere fact that these players are making a name for themselves is, in itself, quite an accomplishment already.

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