Like most Diablo games, Diablo IV will feature its take on trading. This feature will be one of the most critical systems in the game because it will allow players to access items, currency, and gear that they may have difficulty obtaining by themselves. Whether you are trading with others to get more powerful things or to resupply emergency consumables, learning how to Trade will provide beginners get the most out of their bargain. Here is how this system works in Diablo IV: 

Diablo IV Trading Overview

Trading is essential in Diablo IV because the game has an MMO element where players can encounter other people in the Open World and queue up with them for certain dungeons. They can also help each other take down world bosses together and split the loot between them. Alongside getting cool drops, if you have a party mate that got an item that he does not need that you want, then you can engage in a Trade with them.

Currently, trading is the only known way of exchanging goods with other players. There are no Auction Houses in the game, and there are no mentions of markets being integrated. This lack of a centralized AH makes player-to-player even more essential. 

It should be noted that only specific items can be traded with other players. Other rarer essential things are untradeable, so gamers must farm them alone. These items are tagged as “Account Bound,” indicating they cannot be exchanged. Here are the things that players can and cannot trade with each other:


  • Common Items
  • Magic Items
  • Rare Items
  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Elixirs


  • Every other currency except Gold
  • Legendary Items
  • Legendary Aspects
  • Unique Items
  • Enchanted Items
  • Quest Items

It is still being determined whether these restricted items will be tradeable later. Some of them may be available for exchange in the future, but players must wait for an official announcement or patch notes till then. 

How To Trade in Diablo IV

Trading in Diablo IV is straightforward and does not require any complex process that might confuse anybody. However, there are certain restrictions that players should be aware of, so gamers should still try to understand the basics of this feature. Here are the rules for Trading:

  • Trading Parties should be in the same World Instance.
  • Players should be close to each other.
  • Only items in your inventory can be traded with other people.

There is no long-distance Trading in Diablo IV, and items cannot be mailed to each other. All transactions must happen physically and in the same zone. If you are wondering why you cannot trade or spot a specific player you want to exchange items with, they are probably in a different World Instance. Since we have got that covered, here is how players can initiate Trade with other people:

  1. Get into the same World Instance with the player you want to Trade with. You can do this by inviting them to a party.
  2. Stand near the person until you can open the Action Wheel to choose “Invite to Trade.”
  3. The Trade Window will open once the request has been accepted.
  4. Place the agreed-upon items in the Trading Window. Ensure you have the object in your possession because you cannot access the stash during this interaction.
  5. Lock in the offer once both parties have placed the item you are trading with.
  6. Once both parties have locked in their offers, you can complete the transaction by pressing “Accept Trade.”

This is the whole process of trading with other people. However, some interactions may happen depending on the other party's actions. Here are some common changes that you might expect:

  • Changing anything in the Trade Window, particularly items placed, will remove the “Accept Trade” button from the players.
  • Closing the Trade Window while an Item is placed will send the said object back to your inventory.
  • A trade can occur even if only the party placed an item in the Window.

How To Look for Someone to Trade With

Now that you know how to trade, your next focus should be to look for someone to deal with. Ideally, you would use the dedicated trading channel for Diablo IV via Alternatively, you could find a Discord Channel or any Forum dedicated to Trading in Sanctuary. Another option is to look for people to trade with via Trading Platforms like 

If you are using the official Trading Chat or the Discord Channels, you must know how to engage with people. You would usually open with “LF > item you want” or “Selling the item you want to sell for profit.” These are just some of the templates that you could use to look for people who are interested in exchanges. However, there is a significant chance that you might get scammed because there are no fail safes or security measures to keep fake traders from interacting with you.

Trading Platforms can provide some security because you can check their profiles and see their reputation on that site. For example, sellers in Player Auctions will feature their statistics of how many times they engaged in trading and how many customers find their service desirable. This provides players with some assurance that the trader is reliable and safe. 

How To Avoid Scams

If you do engage in Trading, always be wary of scammers. Most of these suspicious people tend to take advantage of newer players who are still learning the ropes. You can do certain things to avoid getting duped out of your items. Here are some tips to help gamers avoid being scammed:

  • Always inspect the items in the Trade Window before accepting the trade.
  • Be cautious when the other person keeps removing and re-adding items in the Trade Window.
  • NEVER drop the item being traded, even if the person you are interacting with insists on it.
  • Only Accept Trades wherein the other person presents their offers outright.
  • If the partner engages in the exchange but tells you to give him the item while he gets the object he is offering to another character, it is most likely a scam.