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Buy Borderlands 3 Legendary Items – BL3 Item Trading

One of the biggest releases this year was Borderlands 3, the follow-up to Gearbox Games’ crazy item crawl RPG shooter. As anyone would expect, it’s as insane as its predecessor, and it’s definitely much bigger. To get ahead in this romp, buyers can always buy Borderlands 3 items such as Deathless Artifact, Recurring Hex, Resonant Back Ham, and more.

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What is Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 brings players right back into the vault hunting business. This time, however, it’s going to be a much bigger universe, as they’ll be visiting up to four planets: From there, you’ll be gathering all sorts of items and gear so you can become more powerful, which in turn will help you get even more powerful items. With this familiar yet effective feedback loop and enjoyable gunplay, players are sure to keep coming back.

Why Do Gamers Buy BL3 Items?

Those that do not have time or interest in grinding can always engage in Borderlands 3 item trading. This allows players to get the items that they want or need in exchange for items of equal value that they don’t need.

Other than that, they can also buy items from online sellers with real-life money. This is very useful if they can’t or don’t want to grind, and at the same time don’t want to give up the items they own. There are all sorts of rare and important Borderlands 3 items for sale.

The most common item types of Borderlands 3 items that people buy are Legendary Artifacts (also known as BL3 Legendaries), items of great rarity and are either extremely useful or gimmicky.

Here are some examples of Borderlands 3 Legendary Artifacts and Weapons:

  • Deathless – the Borderlands 3 Deathless artifact reduces the user’s HP to 1 but increases gun damage for every missing health. It also boosts shield capacity to 100%, increases shield recharge rate, and decreases recharge delay by 25%.
  • Infinity Pistol – an extremely rare handgun that has unlimited ammo.
  • Eridian Fabricator – a gun that shoots out guns of uncommon rarity, uses Eridium as ammo.

There are many other Legendary items in Borderlands 3. Some of them are familiar, others are new, but all of them can be useful in the right situations. Otherwise, if a collector, Borderlands 3 trading is one way to have a legendary of all item types mounted on FL4K’s showcase wall.


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About Borderlands3 Items

About Borderlands 3 Guns

Like in other games in the series, Borderlands 3 guns can be categorized in these categories:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Submachine Gun
  • Pistol

Unfortunately, Lasers did not come back from the Pre-Sequel, though the Cryo element did. The element behaves differently from the previous game, this time being able to freeze enemies. While frozen, they receive 300% more melee damage.

Gun manufacturers determine how a gun looks like, as they produce their own parts. Each gun type now has about 3-4 variants depending on manufacturers. Each company also has unique characteristics, like Maliwan guns focusing on elemental effects and Tediore guns being explosive on reload. Here is a list of all gun manufacturers in Borderlands 3.

  • Atlas (returning from 1): alternate fire mode relies on a targeting system
  • CoV (similar to Bandits on 2 and Scav on the Pre-Sequel): average stats, no magazines but may overheat if used for too long
  • Dahl: usually has two firing modes from auto, semi-auto, and burst, has high stability
  • Eridian: only one gun in the game is of Eridian make, they mostly make artifacts
  • Hyperion: accuracy increases as the weapon is fired, ADS forms a small shield in front
  • Jakobs: fire rate depends on how fast you can pull the trigger, high accuracy. Has a hidden critical hit bonus and crit hits ricochet bullets to another enemy
  • Maliwan: always elemental and has increased elemental effects
  • Tediore: unusual ‘upon reloading’ effects ranging from acting like a grenade to spawning turrets that run, among others
  • Torgue: always explosive, has slower projectiles
  • Vladof: rapid-fire

Depending on how players build their character, sometimes they’ll tend to use one manufacturer’s guns over the others. Elemental builds would use mostly Maliwan weapons, sniper builds would use Jakobs, etc. This has the side effect of making the player prefer fewer weapon types, as each manufacturer would only build guns of certain types. For example, there aren’t any Atlas sniper rifles, nor are there any Jakobs rocket launchers. They can still use guns from other manufacturers, but they’re less effective.

All gun manufacturers also make shields (except for Eridian), class mods, and grenade mods. However, two companies don’t make guns: Anshin and Pangolin.

About BL3 Legendary Items

Borderlands 3 legendary items are those with orange rarity and have unique effects. The orange coloration is there to make them distinct from normal unique items. There can be some unique items that aren’t orange, such as the Gettleburger or The Boo. At any rate, some of the unique effects can have synergy with certain builds, which makes them desirable for players.

That said, Borderlands 3 legendary weapons can come from almost everywhere, though some bosses have higher drop rates for certain ones. Players will come across a few every playthrough, but as it can be pretty random, getting one they need/want can take some time. That is unless they buy Borderlands 3 weapons from online sellers.

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