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WoW WotLK Classic Cooking Guide 1-450

WotLK Cooking Guide

Cooking is one of the most popular life skills in World of Warcraft Classic since it supplies countless consumables to players and the market. It is also necessary (at least food is) for end-game progression. Food and drinks are sources of various buffs and passives that can help gamers in their Raids. With Wrath of the Lich King Classic, tons of content from the original will reappear, and adventurers are gearing up to get ready for them. Players in the field of Cooking should wear their aprons to start mass-producing valuable consumables for profit. This WotLK Classic Cooking Guide will help players get from 1-450 as efficiently as possible.

Cooking in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

This life skill is one of the three secondary professions that players can engage in. This field can be learned without conflicting with other trade skills. This is one of the professions that adventurers early on because they can get free access to a bunch of buffs. In addition, players can earn from Cooking since many Raid parties are looking for foods and drinks that can raise their stats.

Cooking is separated into several ranks, which would dictate what type of consumables you can create. These positions can be attained by increasing your level in this field. Here are all the ranks for Cooking:

  • Apprentice (level 1-65)
  • Journeyman (level 65-130)
  • Expert (level 130-225)
  • Artisan (level 225-300)
  • Master (level 300-350)
  • Grand Master (level 350-450)

The higher you are in this profession, the more high-quality food you can create. Players looking to make some money out of this trade skill should rise through the ranks to increase the list of items on their menu. 

How to Learn Cooking?

Fortunately for players, learning Cooking in Wrath of the Lich King Classic is straightforward and won't be much hassle. Like many other professions, this trade skill only requires gamers to interact with Trainers to learn the trait. Each faction will have its own set of NPCs that can teach you cooking in various settlements. Here are the locations for each Trainer:


  • Stephen Ryback, who is located in Stormwind City
  • Daryl Riknussun, who is located in Ironforge
  • Alegorn, who is situated in Darnassus
  • Gremlock Pilsnor, who is located in Dun Morogh
  • Tomas, who is situated in Elwyn Forest
  • Zarrin, who is situated in Teldrassil
  • Mumman, who is located in The Exodar
  • Rollick MacKreel, who is found in Borean Tundra (Grand Master Rank)
  • Brom Brewmaster, who is located in Howling Fjord (Grand Master Rank)
  • Katherine Lee, who is located in Dalaran City (Grand Master Rank)


  • Zamja, who is located in Orgrimmar
  • Eunice Burch, who is situated in Undercity
  • Aska Mistrunner, who is located in Thunder Bluff
  • Duhng, who is located in The Barrens
  • Mudduk, who is situated in Stranglehorn Vale
  • Pyall Silentstride, who is located in Mulgore
  • Sylann, who is situated in Silvermoon City
  • Orn Tenderhoof, who is found in Borean Tundra (Grand Master Rank)
  • Thomas Kolichio, who is located in Howling Fjord (Grand Master Rank)
  • Awilo Lon’gomba, who is located in Dalaran City (Grand Master Rank)

Players should remember that they can only talk to Trainers of a certain rank upon reaching the subsequent expansions. Masters can be located in the Outlands, while Grand Masters are in Northrend. To progress in this profession, you must own both The Burning Crusade Classic and the Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

How to Cook in WotLK Classic?

Cooking in the game is simple. After learning the profession, you can start creating various consumables using stoves or fire. Chefs gain access to a skill known as Basic Campfire, which allows them to install a makeshift fire source for them to cook on. Alternatively, you can try locating pre-existing stoves or fireplaces in any significant settlement in the game. 

Reaching Level 450 in Cooking

There are two ways to level up your Cooking. The first is to craft tons of food and drinks, and the second is to do quests related to the field. There are only several tasks for this profession, so players should focus on raw cooking. Here are all the Cooking Quests in the game:

Note: Players should consider picking up the Fishing profession before they start their path to becoming a Grand Master Cook. This trade skill allows adventurers to gather ingredients for themselves, so they don’t need to buy them from the market. Doing so will help gamers save up some gold. 

Normal Quests

  • Recipe of the Kaldorei (Character Level 7 and Cooking Rank 1)
  • Beer Basted Boar Ribs (Character Level 7 and Cooking Rank 5)
  • Easy Strider Living (Character Level 12 and Cooking Rank 9)
  • Dig Rat Stew (Character Level 23 and Cooking Rank 15)
  • Soothing Turtle Bisque (Character Level 31 and Cooking Rank 28)
  • Clamlette Surprise (Character Level 45 and Cooking Rank 35)
  • I Know A Guy... (Character Level 45 and Cooking Rank 35)
  • To Gadgetzan You Go! (Character Level 45 and Cooking Rank 35)
  • Desert Recipe (Character Level 57 and Cooking Rank 54)
  • Kitchen Assistance (Character Level 57 and Cooking Rank 54)
  • Sharing the Knowledge (Character Level 57 and Cooking Rank 54)
  • Fletcher’s Lost and Found (Character Level 80)

Dalaran Daily Quests

  • Cheese for Glowergold (Cooking Rank 65)
  • Convention at the Legerdemain (Cooking Rank 65)
  • Infused Mushroom Meatloaf (Cooking Rank 65)
  • Mustard Dogs! (Cooking Rank 65)
  • Sewer Stew (Cooking Rank 65)

Other Daily Quests

  • Manalicious (Character Level 70 and Cooking Rank 70)
  • Revenge is Tasty (Character Level 70 and Cooking Rank 70)
  • Soup for the Soul (Character Level 70 and Cooking Rank 70)
  • Super Hot Stew (Character Level 70 and Cooking Rank 70)

Most of your cooking experience will come from making various food at each stage. While cooking them won’t take that long, the process can be expensive due to the number of ingredients you will need. Players with proficiencies in other professions, such as Hunting and Fishing, can gather the necessary materials. Here are how adventurers can level up their Cooking.

WotLK Classic Cooking Guide 1-450

Level 1 to 40

  • Cook Spice Bread until you reach 40

Level 40 to 80

  • Cook Smoked Bear Meat or Spiced Wolf Meat until 80

Level 80 to 130

  • Cook Boiled Clams or Crab Cakes until 130 (Alliance Players)
  • Cook Smoked Bear Meat to 90 and then Dig Rat Stew to 130 (Horde Players)

Milestone: After reaching level 125, you should meet up with a Trainer to learn Expert Cooking. At this point, you should pick up recipes such as Curiously Tasty Omelet and Roast Raptor.

Level 130 to 175

  • Cook Curiously Tasty Omelet until 175

Level 175 to 225

  • Cook Roast Raptor until 225

Milestone: After level 225, interact with a Trainer and learn Artisan Cooking. In addition, pick up the Monster Omelet Recipe.

Level 225 to 250

  • Cook Monster Omelet until 250

Level 250 to 285

  • Cook Juicy Bear Burger until 285

Level 285 to 300

  • Cook Smoked Desert Dumplings until 300

Milestone: Once you have reached 300, it’s time to go to the Outland and learn Master Cooking from a Trainer. Before you start the grind, it is advisable to pick up the Ravager Dog, and Buzzard Bites recipes.

Level 300 to 325

  • Cooked Blackened Trout, Ravager Dog, or Buzzard Bites until 325

Level 325 to 350

  • Cook Golden Fish Sticks, Warp Burger, Talbuk Steak, or Roasted Clefthoof until 350

Milestone: At 350, you can now learn Grand Master Cooking from Trainers in Northrend. Players will need to finish the Northern Cooking quest before they can proceed to this phase.

Level 350 to 365

  • Cook Northern Stew until 365

Level 365 to 375

  • Cook Rhino Dogs until 375

Level 375 to 400

  • Cook Kungaloosh until 400

Level 400 to 425

  • Cook Any Recipe from the Dalaran Cooking Award until 425

Level 425 to 450

  • Cook Any Dalaran Daily Recipe until 450


After reaching Master Cooking, the recipes get harder to come by. Consumables like Kungaloosh requires players to finish a series of the quest from Grimbooze Thunderbrew before players can start making them. At Grand Master Cooking, the leveling process becomes significantly slower. At this point, players will have to rely on Dalaran Daily Quests to get award points to buy the appropriate recipes. Here is all the food that heroes can learn:

  • Blackened Dragonfin (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Blackened Worg Steak (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Critter Bites (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Cuttlesteak (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Dragonfin Filet (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Firecracker Salmon (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Hearty Rhino (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Imperial Manta Steak (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Mega Mammoth Meal (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Mighty Rhino Dogs (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Poached Northern Sculpin (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Rhinolicious Wormsteak (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Snapper Extreme (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Spiced Mammoth Treats (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Spiced Worm Burger (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Spicy Blue Nettlefish (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Spicy Fried Herring (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Tender Shoveltusk Steak (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Tracker Snacks (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Very Burnt Worg (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)
  • Worg Tartare (costs 3 Dalaran Cooking Award)

Cooking Achievement in WotLK Classic

As players grind their Cooking exp, they can complete several trophies for their character. Each of these rewards 10 Achievement points. Here are all the accolades that gamers can acquire:

Level-based Achievements

  • Journeyman Cook
  • Expert Cook
  • Artisan Cook
  • Master Cook
  • Grand Master Cook

Recipe and Quest-based Achievements

  • Lunch Lady (learn 25 recipes)
  • Short Order Cook (learn 50 recipes)
  • Chef de Partie (learn 75 recipes)
  • Sous Chef (learn 100 recipes)
  • Chef de Cuisine (learn 160 recipes)
  • Captain Rumsey’s Lager (make a Captain Rumsey’s Lager)
  • The Cake is Not a Lie (make a Delicious Chocolate Cake)
  • The Outland Gourmet (make all the listed Outland cooking recipes)
  • Kickin’ It Up a Notch (finish every The Rokk’s daily quests)
  • Our Daily Bread (complete every daily quest provided by Lee (Alliance) or Awilo Lon’gomba (Horde) in Dalaran)

Northrend-based Achievements

  • Dalaran Cooking Award
  • 10 Dalaran Cooking Awards
  • 25 Dalaran Cooking Awards
  • 50 Dalaran Cooking Awards
  • 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards
  • Cooking with Style (get a Chef’s Hat)
  • The Northrend Gourmet (cook 15 Northrend cooking recipes)
  • The Northrend Gourmet (cook 30 Northrend cooking recipes)
  • The Northrend Gourmet (cook 45 Northrend cooking recipes)
  • Dinner Impossible (present a Great Feast in all listed battlegrounds)
  • Second, that Emotion (eat all “emotion” food)
  • Critter Glitter (make 10 critters your pet for 3 minutes or less using Critter Bites)
  • Hail to the Chef (obtain all cooking achievements)

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