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WoW WotLK Classic Leveling Guide (Alliance and Horde)

WotLK Leveling

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic, many players are looking to gain an advantage over other people by leveling fast in the game. Much content in the new expansion is locked behind levels, so character progression is necessary for the game. While there are many ways to rank up in the World of Warcraft Classic, specific methods are more efficient than others. This WoW WotLK Classic leveling guide teaches the most efficient way to level with both Horde and Alliance.

Different Types of Leveling Methods in Lich King Classic

Most MMOs' primary methods of leveling up are mostly the same. However, the effectiveness of these ways may vary, which is the situation for World of Warcraft. Here are all ranking up methods in WoW Classic:

  • Raids/Dungeons
  • Quests
  • Grinding

Raids or Dungeons in WoW Classic refer to content wherein players enter instances or challenges that they usually face against elite mobs or unique bosses. Though these contents take the longest to complete, they are the most rewarding due to the amount of exp and loot acquired. Conducting these raids usually provides players with big jumps in their progression, especially if they are lucky with the rewards.

Quests are arguably the most exciting features in the game. These activities develop the story of the Wrath of the Lich King classic, but players might find this method tedious. While it may not provide as many rewards as Raiding, it does give players a more relaxed and enjoyable experience due to the amount of lore and variety of activities available, which includes Professions.

Grinding is considered the mindless farming of mobs in certain zones. While this method is highly encouraged in other games, World of Warcraft Classic does not exist due to the low mob density in the wild. However, players can still opt for this method if they want to.

WoW WotLK Class Leveling Guide

If players want to level up fast in WotLK Classic, they should only consider doing Raids and Quests. Grinding is not really that rewarding nor optimal, so players should avoid going that path unless there is no other choice. We will be focusing on the first two for this guide. 

Ideally, focusing on Raiding will get you to level 80 the fastest. However, the most optimal way of leveling up is by combining Raids with Quests. Aside from exp and gear from the Dungeons, missions can make gaming sessions much more interesting by introducing variety and giving players breathing space. In addition, integrating some quests can also ensure that adventurers can progress in their Professions. 


Raiding is your primary source of exp and gear. Compared to the other two methods, it yields significant amounts of experience points, so you should make sure to spam this content as much as possible. However, there are still several pros and cons that players should know about when doing this feature:

  • Pros
  • High Exp Reward
  • Good Gear from Loot
  • Consistent Source of Upgrade Materials
  • Cons
  • Requires Planning
  • Requires a Group (Static or Pug)
  • Takes Too Much Time
  • Tunnel Visions on One Content Only
  • Might Take Too Long to Start Sessions if a Group Member is Missing

Note: Static means a constant party dedicated to Raiding. Pug means joining or playing in a random Raid party.

As players may notice, Raiding requires a lot of planning before it can be started. The most crucial aspect of beginning a Dungeon is to have a group. Even losing one member is enough of a headache that can stall the team for hours. In addition, finding a replacement is not easy as you have to ensure that the new member knows the mechanics of the Raid. 

The alternative to the Static group is Pugging. This can be extremely frustrating since you will be playing with random people you have never played with before. This can create tensions in the Raid party due to inefficient communication and unfamiliarity with each other’s tactics. 

While Raiding has many cons, the rewards are tremendous, and it is still the most effective way of progressing your character. The amount of exp given ensures that you gain the most from your leveling experience, while the equipment you acquire makes you even more substantial in gear score. 

Raid Sequence

The sequence for doing Raids is very straightforward since you can only do Dungeons that are only available to your level. While Alliance and Horde players begin at different starting points, the Raid instances follow the same pattern. Here is the order of an efficient leveling session:

  • Fly to Coldarra after speaking to Surristrsz in Amber Ledge
  • Accept the following tasks from these NPCs:
  • Reading the Meters – Archmage Berinand
  • Secrets of the Ancient – Archmage Berinand
  • Have They No Shame? - Librarian Serrah
  • Keristrasza – Keristrasza
  • You should complete Reading the Meters and Secrets of the Ancient since you need to accept their succeeding missions: Postponing the Inevitable and Quickening, which are both accepted by Archmage Berinand
  • Do The Nexus dungeon to progress from level 70 to 73, which will enable you to complete most of the currently accepted quests (finish the Keristrasza quest chain that ends with Prisoner of War)
  • Turn in your Nexus quests and go to Azjol Nerub in Dragonblight
  • Accept the following quests:
  • Death to the Traitor King – Kilix the Unraveler
  • Don’t Forget the Eggs! - Kilix the Unraveler
  • The Faceless Ones – Kilix the Unraveler
  • Complete Death to the Traitor King and Don’t Forget the Eggs by running Azjol Nerub once
  • Run the Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom to reach level 77 from 73 (make sure to complete Funky Fungi quest and get the Ring of Blood style mission from the Amphitheater of Anguish in Zul’drak after level 75)
  • Go to the Ulduar in The Strom Peaks
  • Run the Halls of Lightning raid from level 77 to 80


For lower-level players who don’t have access to Raids yet, doing quests is the most common form of leveling up until Dungeons become available. Though it is not as efficient as Raiding, it does develop other aspects that are absolutely needed at end-game stages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this feature:


  • Casual and Relaxing
  • Can Be Done Solo
  • Allows You to Develop Your Professions
  • Becomes More Efficient in a Group


  • Can Be Time-Consuming
  • Might Become Boring After an Extended Period of Time
  • Requires Travel Time
  • Kill Quests Can be Tedious
  • You Can Easily Get Sidetracked

Questing can be highly relaxing since not all of them are Kill Missions. Some of them simply require players to meet new NPCs or gather materials. In addition, adventurers can group up or do quests solo, which removes the stress of looking for more party members. 

The most significant advantage of Questing is that you also develop your Professions. Many missions will require players to harvest materials or process some items. These sessions will allow you to level up specific trade skills essential in end-game situations. Purely focusing on Raids does not give you time to engage in these activities, so you should integrate questing with it. 

There are many disadvantages of doing quests, but none of them invalidates its benefits. Tasks can be tedious and time-consuming due to the time you spend traveling and the need to repeatedly kill the same mobs. In addition, the efficiency of doing quests also depends on your class since some jobs can have an easier time completing objectives.

Unlike Raids, Alliance and Horde players will have varying paths in their quest grinds. Knowing the most optimal sequence of doing these missions will help gamers reach their desired level much sooner. Here is the efficient pathing for each faction:

WotLK Alliance and Horde Leveling Guide via Quests

There are tons of missions that players can accept in the game. The best way to optimize your mission rotations is to focus on specific areas on certain levels. Here are the best places to go to depending on your rank:

  • Howling Fjord (level 68-71)
  • Borean Tundra (level 71-73)
  • Dragonblight (level 73-75)
  • Grizzly Hills (level 73-75)
  • Zul’Drak (level 74-76)
  • Sholazar Basin (level 76-78)
  • Crystalsong Forest (level 77-80)
  • The Storm Peaks (level 78-80)
  • Icecrown (level 79-80)

Try to focus on one zone at a time. Only move on to the next once you have reached the recommended level. 


As mentioned before, grinding mobs is not recommended since they do not provide significant amounts of exp. However, you can consider going for this route if, and only if, you lack just a bit of exp to reach the next rank. Sometimes, you can’t accept a task or join a raid because you are only a few points away from the recommended level. Farming a few mobs can help bridge this gap instead of doing one long quest chain.

Don’t Forget Your Class Trainers

Leveling up means you get access to more powerful abilities. You can learn a new skill or upgrade your existing ones by interacting with Class Trainers found in every major city in Azeroth. Aside from gear, attributes and abilities are other aspects of your character that you must power up, so always remember to check your nearby NPC for any upgrades.


While raising your level, it is crucial that your Profession also progresses since it will be beneficial later on. You can craft many items at the end-game stage, which you can use or sell for a lot of gold. Here are some of the best trade skills to level up:

  • Skinning
  • Mining
  • Herbalism
  • Blacksmithing
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • First Aid


  • Use an Epic Mount. Whether you are doing quests or hopping to raids, mounts are essential to get you where you need to go. This will help reduce your idle time in your gaming sessions.
  • Be Mindful of your Gear. As you level up, you gain access to more areas. However, the monsters and bosses in these zones will also become more potent, so you must ensure that your equipment is up to date. Having the appropriate gear not only ensures that you can defeat your foes but also ensure your survival.
  • Use consumable buffs. Food and water are essential in any aspect of the game. You might not notice them that much, but they significantly boost your max HP, MP, regeneration, and statuses.
  • Take a Break! While it is understandable that you want to rush your level, taking rests in between is an absolute must. A maxed-out character doesn’t mean a thing if you are too burnt out to play anymore.

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WoW Classic WOTLK Leveling

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