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Players looking for their World War II-themed fix should give War Thunder a shot. This exciting vehicular combat game allows players to be in the cockpit of warplanes and tanks, and even in the bridge of ships. Players who want more powerful hardware from this point of history sometimes try to find other players to trade with in a War Thunder Marketplace.

PlayerAuctions' War Thunder Marketplace

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by War Thunder or its trademark owner.

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About War Thunder Online Marketplace

What Sets War Thunder Apart

While there are a lot of military games out there, only a few put as much focus on military vehicles as War Thunder does. Instead of just focusing on tanks, the game also lets players get on the bridge of ships, as well as the cockpit of fighter planes. 

Players can choose from over 1900 vehicles, with them coming from various points in history, starting with World War II up to the present. This gives the game a rather interesting anachronistic feel, giving tanks, planes, and ships from various eras to finally go head-to-head with one another. 

The game not only separates vehicles according to their fields of operation (ground, naval, air) but also their proper specific functions. For ground vehicles, tanks are divided into light, medium, and heavy, and there are tank destroyers and anti-aircraft vehicles as well. For aircraft, there are fighters, twin-engine fighters, strike aircraft, bombers, jets, and helicopters. Lastly, for the naval, there are barges, boats, sub-chasers, destroyers, and cruisers. While aircraft carriers are cool, they wouldn’t be exciting to play as, making their omission glaring yet completely understandable.

While it may more recent models would win – and they will in real life – War Thunder players know better than to count out the Tiger Tank and many other older tanks. Because while War Thunder strives to be accurate, it also seeks to make sure that the game is enjoyable and that the older model continues to get played. 

That, however, does not mean War Thunder completely ignores tech follows a different tier system with its vehicles. There are over seven ranks; the higher the rank a vehicle is in, the more modern and therefore stronger it likely is. Vehicles are bought using Silver Lions, the game’s staple currency and those that can be upgraded are done so using Research Points along with the necessary Silver Lions. 

Then again, to ensure that the game stays balanced, it uses a Battle Rating system, ensuring that players using a vehicle close to that of the player’s vehicle’s Battle Rating will be paired with them. This is to ensure that players using older models do not get stomped by Abrams tanks or F-4s.

Why Use Real-Life Money for War Thunder  

Finally, there are also Premium vehicles, which are rare vehicles that are either obtained from events or bought using Golden Eagles, the game’s premium currency. As for those that are from discontinued events, they have become more valuable due to their sheer rarity, making them highly sought-after, especially by enthusiasts. 

Much like other modern games, War Thunder has a progression system as well. By constantly gaining EXP by various means, players gain levels, which in turn grants them rewards depending on the level achieved. Players also gain ranks, which in turn is determined by the level. From having no rank to becoming Lieutenant at level 12 up to Marshal at level 100, players will be gaining many rewards in the course of the process. 

What is the Gaijin Marketplace

With so many vehicles to get, and many levels and ranks to grind for, it’s safe to say that War Thunder isn’t for anyone that doesn’t have the time or energy to play. To cut the grind, they can buy either Silver Lions, the premium currency for Gaijin Marketplace, or real-life money. For the latter, there is the Gaijin Marketplace, where players can buy items from varying Gaijin games, including vehicles and skins in War Thunder. As an alternative, players can also sell some of their products here should the market within the Gaijin Marketplace be too saturated.

The only drawback to this is that since this is the publisher’s store, sellers cannot make offers for accounts and power leveling services. While it’s good to be able to individually buy items and skins, buying an account – or accounts – is better. For that, however, they’ll have to go to an alternative War Thunder store, where accounts or power-leveling services. Thanks to the abundance of third-party marketplaces that have surfaced over the years, gamers now have a lot of options where they can purchase or sell their in-game assets.

What is the War Thunder Store

Accounts cannot be bought using Silver Lions and are purchased with real-life money instead. On top of that, those buying a War Thunder account can often get more value for their money than buying items from the Gaijin Marketplace. For War Thunder Accounts, the price depends on the total value of vehicles, in-game currency, and levels.

As for power leveling services, buyers will find them here instead of the Gaijin Marketplace. Their price depends on how many levels the power leveler promises to achieve, as well as how fast the process will be. 

While the War Thunder Trade in this store gives sellers freedom, it’s recommended to give fair prices by putting a price on their offers that are close to its actual value. As for buyers, they need to be informed so that they can decide which offers are worth their money. For the latter, this is so that they can price their offers properly.

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