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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Xbox Live accounts have different membership levels with inclusions through a paid service known as Xbox Live Gold membership. For almost all of Xbox owners, maintaining an Xbox Live Gold membership is crucial to getting the most out of your console. Sell your Xbox Live accounts here at PlayerAuctions to players who are looking to get tons of games on their Xbox.

Selling OG Gamer Tags 2020

There ain’t no gamer like an OG gamer and an OG gamer plays Xbox! Though the infamous console war between Sony and Microsoft is reaching fever pitch with their next-gen consoles now out, there’s still no denying the charm and playability of their older models. Besides, retro is chic and those who play retro games earn bragging rights for being OG gamers.

How to Sell Your Xbox Live Account Fast & Easy

To sell your Xbox account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register as a seller.
  2. Begin putting up your offers on the Xbox Live Accounts page.
  3. When there is a buyer ready to transact business with you, we will notify you through your e-mail and our onsite messenger. You can use the instant delivery so that our system will be delivering the account to the buyer. If you choose not to use this option, you may deliver all the account info needed directly to the buyer before your delivery time ends.
  4. Once the buyer has received the account, wait for him/her to authenticate the account and check if it’s as described on the original offer. Wait for the buyer to confirm the payment to be sent, after that you may receive your payment via your AmazonPay or bank account.

Why Sell Your Xbox Live Account for Real Money In PlayerAuctions?

Xbox Live memberships cover a lot of features and services. With that in mind, we have numerous gamers in our community who are looking for Xbox Live accounts with gold memberships. The best thing is, you get to set your own terms and prices! While buyers can purchase Xbox Live Gold memberships directly through the Xbox One, you can offer them an incentive to buy from you instead by having discounts. Selling via PlayerAuctions is the way to go if you want to make a quick buck!

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