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Selling Wuthering Waves Account

Those looking to earn by selling Wuthering Waves accounts must remember a few things. They're primarily about pricing and finding a good place to set up shop, but they're essential to making a profit. After all, many dreams of earning money while playing games, and not all have the charisma and personality to become streamers.

How to Price Wuthering Waves Accounts

All gacha games have many things in common among them. First is the character roster. While we don't know what ranking system the game uses, some will be rarer than others. The more filled an account's Resonator collection is, the more expensive it can be. More weight can be placed on limited characters, but the former is the general trend.

The second is progression. The higher the account level, the more features and mechanics are available to the player. Also, this unlocks the higher levels for the characters, so it is a measure of strength. Accounts near the maximum level have better upgrades and enhancements than those on the lower levels. Since those have more time invested in them, they are costlier than newly created accounts.

Lastly, the third thing is resources. Buyers love the convenience of not having to grind for items, currency, and other resources to level up, upgrade, and further enhance their characters. Gacha games usually have several systems to improve characters, such as:

  • General Level
  • Ability Level
  • Equipment
  • Rank Up

Considering that each system would have its own requirements of resources, this amounts to a ton of time used for gathering all those materials. Also, currency is vital for these processes, but it can be saved quickly depending on the activities done. The more of these various items the account has, the more expensive its price.

Finding the balance between profitable and cheap enough to entice buyers can be challenging. However, as long as the price matches the account's characteristics, buyers will be all over it. There is still much to know about the specifics of these mechanics and systems. However, sellers must find a reliable online marketplace to trade in peace.

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