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Outliving the dead is the name of the game and no other game (at least in recent years) has fully-encapsulated the speed, thrill, and downright gore of a zombie apocalypse than World War Z. Though initially released over a year ago, its significance in the gaming scene has not yet diminished. In fact, just like zombie hordes rabidly rush to fresh, juicy, living meat, throngs of gamers still flock to this sensational release by Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games.

If you happen to have a World War Z that you plan to let go of, you’ve come to the right place! With thousands of active daily users in our community, your account’s sure to look like fresh brains to zombies gone mad!

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  5. Congratulations on making a sale! You can post as many offers as you want!

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Is World War Z Still Worth Playing in 2020?

Yes, you bet it is! Though World War Z has been out for over a year, it still commands a solid fan base. More importantly, it is still being updated regularly (roughly every other month). In fact, Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games have been rolling out PVE maps for their fan base to enjoy either solo or online. And since it’s available across multiple gaming platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4), you can bet there’ll be no shortage of players craving for WWZ’s action!

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