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How to Sell Ships in World of Warships?

World of Warships is more than just about collecting ships; it is a game that has an incredible depth to it that players just absolutely love. Selling ships is no problem, but which ships to sell is what you should look deeper into. In order to sell ships, you have to sell the account in which the ships are in. Unfortunately, you can’t trade the ships to another account—unlike other games. Furthermore, you have to specify which servers your accounts are from as our buyers are from all over the world.

What Ships to Sell?

In World of Warships, all ships are good. People just have to decide which suits them the most as all ships are subjected to personal preference.

Here are the types of ships that you can sell:

  1. 1. Destroyers
  2. Destroyers are among the lightest, smallest, and faster ships that you can control. They have an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, reaching a maximum speed of around 35 knots. They have good control and maneuverability as well. Destroyers are perfect as scouts and support for larger units, and their main weapon is the torpedo, with which they are able to deal massive damage. But this ship has its weaknesses as well. Destroyers have a small amount of hit points and lack armor as well. Because of that, a Destroyer can be destroyed with just one or two salvos from a cruiser or battleship.

  3. 2. Premium Ships
  4. Premium ships are special types of warships because they can belong to any class—be it destroyers, cruisers, battleships, or even aircraft carriers. What makes these ships unique is that they can’t be obtained through the normal way via the development tree. Instead, they can only be obtained by spending real money, by winning them in a competition, or by receiving them as a gift during an event. While premium ships have slightly worse statistics than that of their other regular counterparts, they have a number of distinct of advantages to them as well. One of which is that their repair cost is much smaller, and after each battle, you get to earn more credits than usual as an added bonus. Also, some premium ships, especially low-tier ones, have bonuses to train captains.

  5. 3. Kongo
  6. The Kongo battleship is one of the most well-known ships of World War II. It is a tier 5 ship in World of Warships. The main advantage of Kongo is the range of its cannons that can fire up to an impressive 21.2 kilometers. That in itself is exceptional because no ship of the same team can possess any threat from such a distance. However, if you want to make full use of this advantage, you must aim with pinpoint accuracy. And that can be hard without some experience under your belt.

  7. 4. Albany
  8. The Albany warship is an American premium cruiser, hence making it extremely rare and limited. The ship was given as a gift during the 17th anniversary of It’s a unique ship that has a lot of advantages—but weaknesses as well. The ship itself is very slow, with its maximum speed up to only 20 knots. To compensate for that, the Albany has a considerably small turning radius that allows it to avoid enemy torpedoes. For a tier 2 ship, it has decent firepower due to the high rate of fire. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the Albany is its low repair and consumables cost, making it a great ship to earn credits. Best of all, it has a collector’s value as well.

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