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How You Can Earn Money by Selling Wolcen items

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem takes its inspiration from Path of Exile, one of the leading online games for the ARPG genre. As such, players can expect the combat of Wolcen to be fast-paced wherein they’ll be able to wield all kinds of weapons to find the playstyle that suits them. Improving your gear is part of the process, which makes it profitable to be a seller of Wolcen items. By being able to have on-hand loot that can be used for crafting, players will no longer need to waste time in gathering resources to experiment with new builds. Instead, they can just simply come to you! Help Wolcen other players achieve the build that they want by selling them Wolcen items now!

How to Sell Wolcen Legendary Items?

To sell Wolcen items simply follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Post your offers through our system and we will notify you once there is a buyer.
  3. Once there’s a buyer, coordinate with them regarding the time and place to meet up in-game.
  4. Meet with the buyer in-game and trade the Wolcen item that they’ve purchased and wait for them to accept the offer.
  5. Wait for the buyer to confirm to our system to send the payment.

Trade Items Wolcen: How it Works

Trading in Wolcen wasn’t available at first. In fact, it was only in September 2019 when the developers of the game finally added the trading system to the game. Specifically, the function to trade was added as part of the Wrath of Sarisel update. Trading is a great way to exchange the duplicate items of your own for other unique items that players have. As a seller, this is the main way of giving the item that the buyer has purchased to them.

In order to trade with the buyer, you’ll first need to meet up at a certain place and item that you’re both online. You can’t begin the trade if the other party is not present. Once both of you are close to each other, begin right-clicking the buyer’s character portrait and click “Send a trade request”. From there, simply add the item that the buyer bought from your offers here and wait for them to accept your trade. That’s all there is to it when trading in Wolcen. Sounds easy, right?

Items That Sell in Wolcen

Wolcen has a plethora of items. So much so that it’s hard to sift through the mud before finally hitting the jackpot. The weapons are perhaps the most important type of items. Weapons are used to primarily inflict damage to enemies, with some higher than others depending on their stats. Here are some unique items Wolcen has so you can offer to entice other players:

1. Soulsbane

The Soulsbane is a mace that has ice properties that can freeze enemies with a 30-36% chance to dish out Frost Damage on top of the usual attack damage. This weapon was originally used by a Frost Tormentor but was repaired and upgraded by Earl Tolna. Soon after, he led the final battle against the Republican Regiment using this very mace. Soulsbane is perfect for players who prefer using ice type weapons and armor.

2. Envy’s Denial

Envy’s Denial is a sword that was forged by the immortal flames of Abanazaar. Besides getting the chance to leave a target with a burn, this weapon can also absorb health for you and deal additional damage to ice type enemies. The Envy’s Denial offers all sorts of nifty bonuses that can help out players in a pinch.

3. Zephyron Herald of Change

Zephyron is yet another sword in Wolcen that’s unlike any other. This weapon allows whoever bears it to cast lightning spells. On top of that, players can also dish out lightning damage in addition to their normal attacks and spells.

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