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League of Legends is debatably one of the most-played MOBA games to have ever been made. Since its early days, the game has constantly stretched the boundaries of innovation. With new champions to play and even a backstory for some to further deepen the players’ love for their favorite champion, League of Legends manages to grasp its players’ attention like no other. Riot Games, the big wigs behind League of Legends, pulled no stops to make a cinematic trailer feel like an upcoming movie. Their emphasis on putting their best foot forward when presenting new things to its fan base makes other online competitive games pale in comparison.

Previously, League of Legends has been a PC-only game. League of Legends: Wild Rift aims to fill that hole of wanting to play a MOBA game without having a computer, but it doesn’t entirely copy the original game despite having its name. Wild Rift is essentially an unabridged version of the original League of Legends, and instead of being available on PC, Wild Rift is available to play for free on Android and iOS.

Ranking Matters

Just like any other competitive game that’s online, everyone has the chance to climb up the ranked ladder to become the number one player. For ranking placements, Wild Rift will be following the same suit as its older brother. So if you’ve at least played League of Legends for a season or two, then you’ll be familiar with what the ranks are and how they work. Players often have an account’s rank, so be sure to put what each of your account’s ranks is on the title or description to let them know. The higher the rank, the more expensive the account will be.

Wild Rift Will Have Cross-Platform Support

Riot Games has stated that it will look into cross-platform play between mobile and console devices for League of Legends: Wild Rift. While the original game is out of the picture indefinitely in regards to enabling cross-play, Wild Rift will be taking a different direction in terms of where you can play the game. The publisher also added that it will try to at least coordinate events and such for the two versions.

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